New York to Canada: The guide To Every City and also Border Crossing brand-new York State has 17 border crossings in total, each through its own rules and also times - this guide makes it easy to select the finest one.

brand-new York yes, really does have actually it all for those who love variety when lock travel. One train journey into new York City will have actually travelers reeling v fast-paced fun, when a drive upstate will sell all the peace and serenity one seeks from the mountains. A trip east out onto lengthy Island offers a suburban oasis that also doubles together a beachside paradise. However, it"s likewise the gateway come the north and offers many routes native which one can acquire from one nation to another.

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Visiting Canada is a fairly easy procedure with assist from one of two people an amplified driver"s license, likewise known together an EDL, or a passport book or card. The border-crossing process is as an easy as comment some concerns pertaining to a traveler"s nation of residence, the intent of your trip, and also how long they"re walking for, along with proof of every answer. The hardest component comes down to determining where come cross into Canada, and which cities are closest come one another. And, luckily, we"ve obtained answers.

At the time of writing, the U.S. - Canada border still continues to be closed as result of COVID-19 restrictions. Please check the border status before attempting to cross from one country to the other. 

Montreal point out Of Entry

New York State is enormous in size and not only borders several various other states, but shares a vast northern border through Canada, together well. And, luckily, lot of this border is also home to most of Canada"s major cities i m sorry bode well for those expecting a worthy experience. The most renowned city and also port, through far, is the Champlain–St. Boy name de Lacolle Border Crossing right into Montreal. This harbor is situated in Champlain, new York, and also will command travelers right into St. Boy name de Lacolle, Quebec. From there, it"s only about a 40-minute journey to the facility of Montreal. This is the most-used harbor of entry from Quebec right into the U.S, and it"s likewise the fifth-busiest harbor from the U.S. Right into Canada, in general.

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This port is open up 24/7 i beg your pardon is an excellent news for those that wish come cross throughout off-peak hours. Those who have actually a NEXUS happen will have the ability to use the NEXUS lanes from 6 to be to 12 AM; because that anyone that plans ~ above visiting Montreal (or Canada) regularly, this is a good option and keeps passengers from wait in mondo traffic. Speak of which, traffic and also line wait times have the right to be found on CBP and also CBSA websites, or v the CanBorder App.

The Chateaugay - Hinchinbrooke border crossing, i m sorry is further to the west still, is open up 24/7 and also offers a great alternative because that those spring to overcome the border ~ 4 afternoon or prior to 8 AM throughout the off-season. This border is additionally far much less used and wait times will certainly not be virtually as long, and the drive right into Montreal is equivalent to that of Cannon Corners, through the exception of one extra ten minute or for this reason of travel time. Ft Covington - Dundee Border crossing is likewise open 24/7, and is somewhat popular with travelers thanks to its proximity to attractions ~ above the way to Montreal; however, it is a bit of a journey to the city - about an hour and also a half.

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Only about 20 minute to the west the Champlain, new York, sit the Cannon Corners – Covey Hill border cross which is a much less-traveled, smaller sized entry allude in Mooers Fork. This border crossing will take travelers right into Havelock, Quebec, i beg your pardon is only about an hour external of Montreal"s center. However, travelers have the right to only overcome to Canada between the hours of 8 AM and 4 PM, with travelers maybe to overcome from Canada to brand-new York between the hrs of 8 AM and 12 to be from May 1st to October 31st, and from 8 to be to 4 PM in between November first to April 30th.

Additional ports include the Mooers - Hemmingford cross which is an extremely lightly traveled, is open 24/7, and sits around an hour outside of Montreal. The facility chin is also a registered historical site. The Ogdensburg - Prescott Bridge has been a border crossing because 1800, and travelers heading right into the U.S. Native Canada have to undergo a customs inspection prior to being granted entry. However, the wait time to cross this leg is normally no an ext than 20 minutes on weekends, and also it"s open 24/7 for those wishing come visit Johnstown, Ontario.

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The Overton Corners – Lacolle border crossing is very small and uncrowded and also is a recommended different to Champlain"s border crossing as soon as the wait time is too long. The crossing is open up 24/7, however, that does take travelers along more backroads 보다 the major Champlain crossing. Rouses allude and Trout river border crossings are open 24/7, however, Trout flow is very rural and also is one of the furthest native Montreal, through an hour and a half drive come the city center.

Ontario points Of Entry

The Lewiston - Queenston border crossing is a bridge that connect the two points the entry, and this is the an initial point of entry the takes travelers right into Ontario quite than Quebec. It"s specifically 30 minutes exterior of the main city of Buffalo and also is open 24/7, v accompanying NEXUS lanes. The closestly attractions come this bridge crossing space Niagara Falls and also St. Catherines, making it a an excellent gateway but also one that ranks the fourth-busiest in both countries.

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Seaway Bridge and also Thousands Island bridge both lug travelers to Ontario, with Seaway Bridge starting on the Rooseveltown next of new York and ending top top Cornwall Island in Ontario. The bridge is now called the Three countries Crossing in honor of the Akwesasne Mohawks, and it"s among the busiest soil crossings in both countries. It"s essential to keep in mind that those using this crossing for Cornwall Island must go every the method down come the phibìc Channel bridge to undergo an inspection, lest they challenge a fine of approximately $1,000.

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Thousands Island bridge starts the cross the St. Lawrence River and also starts in Alexandria Bay before ending in Lansdowne, Ontario. Similar to the Seaway Bridge, this leg (rather, a mechanism of bridges) is also open 24/7 but additionally has NEXUS roadway options, i beg your pardon are open weekdays native 7 am to 5 PM and also weekends native 10 am to 2 PM. The only downside that this border crossing is the travelers can see a wait time of up to 2 hours depending on the time of year, so it"s best to examine prior come driving down.

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