Stretches that remote, rarely crowded beaches and a wire of beautiful barrier islands characterize phibìc Carolina"s coast. However, those trying to find busier beaches will enjoy the numerous beaches close to the an ext developed areas such together Kitty Hawk and Nags Head, NC. The lighthouses along the coast are few of the many beautiful and romantic in the country and also many deserve to be toured. Here are the finest North Carolina beaches. CDC info for travelers. Hours/availability may have actually changed.

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Cape Hatteras nationwide Seashore, one of the finest NC beaches, is a portion of the Outer banks that is preserved by the U.S. Nationwide Park Service. The much more than 70 miles of protected seashore operation from Ocracoke Island to Bodie Island. There room three visitor centers that carry out information, programming, and also gift shops. The visitor center closest come Cape Hatteras Lighthouse consists of the Museum the the Sea. This museum display screens exhibits connected to maritime history, the outer Banks, the lighthouse, and also the keeper’s quarters. The museum also displays artefacts from the countless shipwrecks that lie off the coast. 4 campgrounds are situated along the seashore for tourists who space interested in safety the night.

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Wrightsville coast is consisted of of 2 islands easily easily accessible from north Carolina’s mainland. The islands offer everything you need for a relaxing vacation, consisting of plenty of accommodation options ranging indigenous full business resorts to more budget-friendly hotels. Activities on the water incorporate kayaking, paddleboarding, surfing, and also fishing. Several boat companies offer evening harbor cruises. Past the beaches, visitors have the right to bike the Wrightsville coast Loop trail or check out the city on foot. Shopping alternatives include surf shops, open-air villages, and boutiques. Wrightsville coast is home to the annual PPD Ironman NC, which is just one of the top-rated triathlons in the world. Wrightsville Beach is just one of the best North Carolina beaches and it"s the closest beach to Charlotte, NC.

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Nags Head is among the an ext developed locations on the outer Banks. Here, visitors can experience the organic beauty of the Outer banks yet still have easy access to amenities such as restaurants, mini golf, and shopping. The Bodie Island Lighthouse is not far from Nags Head, and also visitors can climb to the top throughout the summer. The historical Jennette’s Pier is located adjacent as well. The pier uses a good location to fish as well as a small, kid-friendly museum. One of the most famous attractions in Nags Head is Jockey’s Ridge State Park, i m sorry is a famous place for hang-gliding, sand-castle-building contests, and scenic hikes. Keep reading for more vacation concepts on the phibìc Carolina coast.

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Topsail beach stretches from the town limits of Surf City come the southern finish of the island. The famous Karen Beasley Sea tortoise Rescue and Rehabilitation center is situated at Topsail. The center cares for sea turtle who have been hurt or who space sick. The Missiles & much more Museum consists of exhibits regarded the history of the island, consisting of exhibits ~ above pirates and also military history. The island has plenty of beach homes for rent and retains the laid-back feel the is common in the external Banks and also barrier islands. Watercraft rentals are accessible as well as countless beach access points.

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Kure coast is a coast on the Bogue financial institutions that attributes a beautiful setting, a calm atmosphere, and also just the appropriate amount of advance to administer visitors v a comfortable vacation. The oldest fishing pier top top the Atlantic coast juts out right into the ocean and is a well-known attraction in itself, whether you room walking follow me the pier to take it in the sights or hope to reel in a large catch. The phibìc Carolina Aquarium is located nearby, as are many restaurants and shops. During the holidays, Kure Beach and the Bogue banks are house to the Island of lamp Festival, which functions a Christmas Flotilla and a tour of the area’s beautiful homes.

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Currituck beach is clean, quiet, and serene but is quiet close enough to town to offer plenty of things to do. The area is well known for being home to wild Spanish mustangs, and also several service providers offer wild equine tours for visitors who would favor to ride and also see the horses in person. The Currituck beach Lighthouse in Corolla is one interesting, Gothic rebirth lighthouse and is on the national Register of historical Places. Visitors can tour the lighthouse seasonally, and the property has a museum store. The surrounding Currituck banks Reserve is a preserved herbal area whereby visitors deserve to hike, fish, hunt, and more. Keep reading for much more vacation point out on the north Carolina coast.

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Carova beach is a remote stretch of coast in the northernmost part of the outer Banks. The beach is only easily accessible by boat or 4WD auto along a led road from Corolla. Wild horses have the right to be spotted roaming freely on the beaches here. There are no shops, restaurants, or any type of other attractions; advance is restricted to beach homes and also a rescue station. Renowned ways to invest time at Carova Beach incorporate sailing, windsurfing, and also kiteboarding. The area is additionally a famous spot because that fishing. The nearby town that Corolla offers restaurants, shops, and attractions such as the Corolla Wild equine Museum. This museum is situated in a historic schoolhouse that features informative and interactive exhibits around wild horses. Keep analysis for an ext North Carolina beaches and find the the next beach near me.

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Ocracoke Island is home to 16 miles of undeveloped ‘wild’ beaches. The entire shore is part of the Cape Hatteras national Seashore. Ocracoke attracts travellers who are trying to find relaxing, wide-open spaces to gain such activities as surfing, flying kites, sunbathing, boogie-boarding, and building sandcastles. The beach and also surrounding locations are house to many birds, fish, turtles, and other wildlife. Birdwatchers pertained to see the more than 400 types of birds that deserve to be found on Ocracoke. The Ocracoke Lighthouse is among the most popular attractions top top the island. The lighthouse is still energetic and visitors have the right to tour the grounds. Ocracoke Island is easily accessible by ferry, and also several ferries do the expedition daily.

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Oak Island is a family-friendly beach location in the Brunswick Islands. The laid-back obstacle island offers the perfect mix of one easy-going, tranquil time at the beach and amenities such as marinas, mini golf, and bike rentals. Access the coast at an ext than 60 public accessibility points or take it a opportunity at reeling in a huge one at among the area’s fishing piers. Guest can acquire out on the water in ~ Oak Island’s two marinas and three publicly boat and canoe ramps. The 10-mile stretch of sand is perfect because that unwinding and enjoying everything one expects indigenous a phibìc Carolina beach.

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Pea Island nationwide Wildlife Refuge, aptly named due to the fact that of its little size, is a defended wildlife refuge situated on a barrier island in the external Banks. The refuge exists to safeguard and carry out a habitat for migratory birds. Pets that have the right to be checked out in the park include the greater snow goose and also many various other waterfowl, wading birds, raptors as well as endangered types such as the loggerhead sea turtle. The refuge’s visitor facility is located on Roanoke Island and features exhibits related to regional wildlife, birds, and more. Over there are several trails in the refuge that deserve to be provided by travellers for birdwatching, hiking, wildlife photography, and fishing. 100 Conservation method Manteo, NC 27954, Phone: 252-473-1131

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Hammocks beach State Park is a state park along the southerly Outer banks that is comprised of be afflicted with Island, three smaller sized islands (Dudley, Huggins, and also Johns), and also 319 acre on the mainland. Be affected by each other Island is the key attraction in ~ the park and is a 3-mile-long obstacle island that is easily accessible by park ferry, private ferry, or by paddling a canoe or kayak. The park’s beaches are wide with huge dunes and primitive campsites. The just semblance of advance is a simple concession and picnic complex. The mainland ar of the park houses a full-service visitor center that offers visitors with accessibility to the ferry and a launch website for rented or personal canoes. The visitant center likewise has exhibits and also interpretive programs that teach visitors about the natural setting of the park and also the park’s differed wildlife. 1572 Hammocks Beach roadway Swansboro, NC 28584, Phone: 910-326-4881

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Holden coast is one 8-mile stretch the sand on a barrier island off the north Carolina coast. The Intracoastal Waterway the end the islands from the mainland. Visitors can canoe or kayak the waterway and also perhaps catch a glimpse of the endangered loggerhead sea turtle that regular the area. Shrimp watercrafts travel up and down the waterway as they enter and leave the open ocean, which deserve to be an exciting sight. Visitors can spot dolphins play in the surf during the day and ghost crabs in the sand through flashlight at night. The annual North Carolina Festival through the Sea is a popular occasion featuring handicrafts and also delicious food. Keep reading for much more North Carolina beaches.

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Frisco beach is located on the southern pointer of Hatteras Island. The beach functions a slowly sloping s floor, make it appropriate for swimming since there space no drop-offs. This quiet escape is perfect for visitors who desire to relax and enjoy the beach. The town has a couple of small restaurants and also convenience stores. Accommodations in Frisco selection from holidays rental houses of every sizes to campgrounds. Two of the most popular campgrounds top top Hatteras Island are located in Frisco, consisting of the national Park organization campground and also the Frisco Woods Campground, which features private campsites, a swimming pool, and a tiny convenience store. Frisco has actually a go-cart track, a mini golf course, and also a agency that offers flight tours.

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Canadian Hole is one of the most renowned Pamlico Sound next beaches top top Hatteras Island. Albeit a rather strangely named beach, Canadian Hole has actually long been well known amongst water sports aficionados. The sound has actually some that the ideal wind and water conditions, attracting fans of windsurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, and also kiteboarding every year round. The beach is likewise popular v young families, who reap the quiet waters. The water is shallow for several hundred feet out right into the sound and also is virtually always calm. The sunset is amazing over the sound, v views the Hatteras Lighthouse in the distance. Keep analysis for an ext amazing locations to watch on the north Carolina coast.

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north Carolina’s Outer banks are complete of concealed treasures like Salvo Beach. The town doesn’t offer much in the means of purchase or amenities, yet it does provide the perfect location to relax and unwind without the distractions of some of the busier Outer financial institutions beaches. Many of the accommodation consists of rental homes. The Salvo Day usage Area is a popular location for kiteboarding and also other water sports. This public park is part of the national Park Service and also features sandy beaches and perfect accessibility for water sports. The Pamlico Sound is shallow and calm close to the shore, which makes it perfect for family members with young children.

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Coquina coast is part of the Cape Hatteras nationwide Seashore. The coast is completely undeveloped but is situated close enough to the well-developed communities of Nags Head and Kitty Hawk, where travellers can uncover services and restaurants if desired. The coast is accessible only by foot or 4WD vehicle. The beach is the ar of the shipwreck Laura Barnes native 1921, and a few pieces the the delivery still remain. Coquina coast is a popular location follow me the Outer financial institutions for surf fishing, i m sorry is at its finest in the feather or fall. Coquina is the perfect ar for a quiet, be sure beach expedition not too far off the win path.

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fully Head Island is a small, remote town located top top the eastern side the the Cape are afraid River. The is only easily accessible by ferry native Southport and also the island has actually very few cars. Many of the citizens drive golf carts or pedal bicycles around. The island is famed for the sea turtle that swarm here and Cape Fear point is a well-known attraction. It is below that the Frying Pan Shoals expand out into the s for 30 miles. This sand bars it seems ~ to climb up native underwater and also descend ago as the birds ebbs and flows. In addition to enjoying the picturesque beaches, popular tasks on the island indicate renting bikes to cycle approximately the island, taking hikes, and also going on canoe and kayak tours.

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Carolina Beach supplies a beach suffer that renders visitors nostalgic for the phibìc Carolina beach vacation of the past. This beach attributes a vintage boardwalk with live music, great fishing, and several occasions throughout the year. The boardwalk contains several restaurants, an ice cream store, and more. Rides and also games are also set up along the boardwalk’s strip during the summer and the arcade and also gift shops are open all year round. The adjacent Carolina coast State Park is a 761-acre park located along the Cape fear River. The park’s amenities incorporate miles of long trails, campsites, and a marina. The visitor facility displays exhibits concerned local and also state natural history. Rare carnivorous plants like the Venus flytrap can be found in the park’s wetlands.

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Emerald Isle is component of the Crystal coast located ~ above the Bogue Banks. The oceanfront is filled v homes and also a couple of condominiums, but there space no many hotels on the beachfront, offering the beach a decidedly family-friendly feel. Famous outdoor activities on Emerald Isle space kayaking, paddleboarding, SCUBA diving, golfing, and more. The Bogue Inlet Fishing Pier is a renowned place to shot and test your luck with a rod and reel. The phibìc Carolina Aquarium is not much away either, together it is situated in pine Knoll Shores. A plethora the kid-friendly tasks give family members plenty of reasons to choose Emerald Isle together their next vacation spot. Fun locations like Playland in Emerald Isle, and also Emerald forest Putt-Putt will have actually your youngsters begging come come back year after year.

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Atlantic coast is situated on Bogue Banks, among North Carolina’s obstacle islands, which is separated native the mainland by the Bogue Sound. The island have the right to be reached via among two bridges throughout the sound. Most accommodations top top the beach are personal homes. The phibìc Carolina Aquarium is located in the facility of the island and is a popular attraction. Atlantic Beach has actually a wide range of dining alternatives that need to satisfy any visitor. From ice cream shops and snack shacks come sit-down, full-service restaurants, everyone should find something they like. Shopping avenues include several surf shops and local coast boutiques.

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The remote obstacle islands that make up the Cape Lookout national Seashore are situated three miles offshore and are easily accessible by ferry. The visitor center on Harkers Island screens exhibits about the history of the island, the Cape Lookout light Station, and also more. A movie is presented several time daily, and also there are nature trails nearby. Visitors deserve to climb the lighthouse itself and visit the keeper’s quarters. Shackleford financial institutions is a well-known place for swimming and enjoying the beach and searching for the area’s wild horses. Visitors can camp in a time or remain at a cabin in the park. One more exciting method to suffer the seashore is by visiting numerous of the islands on a multi-day canoe or kayak trip. 131 Charles Street Harkers Island, NC 28531, Phone: 252-728-2250

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The Brunswick Islands consist of six different island areas that are situated on five barrier islands turn off the shore of north Carolina. The area includes something because that every type of vacationer and also every budget. The islands have many seaside towns through a selection of amenities and attractions. A wide selection of restaurants room available, even if it is you are searching for a rapid bite or a relaxing dinner. Girlfriend don’t need to travel far to uncover world-class golf courses, fantastic dining, and also a wide range of shopping. The Brunswick archipelago are residence to both the oldest and newest lighthouses in phibìc Carolina and both are interesting and scenic locations to visit.

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Lake tempt is a man-made freshwater lake ~ above the vast River. Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, the lake has an area of roughly 720 acres with 27 mile of shoreline. Visitors can relax ~ above the sandy beach, have a picnic, and swim or to rise in the water. Lake entice Beach is perfect because that families and also includes a water park that has actually a water slide and even motivates friendly water fights. The beach home at Lake attract sells several necessities and also comfort items for enjoying a day at the beach, including towels, chairs, sunscreen, and water toys.

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23 best North Carolina Beaches

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