Flying right into Los Angeles for your cruise seems simple, yet the fact is the the number of options in the area have the right to make things more complicated to number out. Have to you just fly right into LAX (the largest airport) or would you be far better off making use of a smaller sized airport?


In complete there room five major airports in the southern California area, each through their own pros and cons if you plan to come in for a cruise.

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On one hand, those options give girlfriend a number of flight options, which means you can search for deals and potentially conserve a lot of money ~ above your trip by flying into one airport over another.

On the other hand, given the sprawl that Los Angeles and the time the takes to gain from the airport come the cruise ship, occasionally the cheapest trip doesn’t instantly mean the best.

To provide you one idea of i beg your pardon airport to fly in for your cruise, we’ve covered each that the major options below. The list is sorted by our opinion of the best Los Angeles airport to usage for your cruise.

Best Airports for an LA Cruise

Map that airports in relation to the ports. Map data: Google

#1 long Beach plane (LGB)

If you just want the closest airport come the LA cruise terminals, climate Long Beach is your best option. All told, it’s about 20 minutes from the port of long Beach and also 25 minute to the human being Cruise facility in mountain Pedro.

If the proximity to the cruise ports wasn’t enough, the airport is additionally much smaller sized and much more easy to navigate than the substantially larger Los Angeles international (LAX). Many civilization rave around the lull in gaining to and also from your flights when flying from long Beach, and the lack of traffic.

The biggest negative about making use of the long Beach airplane is that there aren’t a ton that flights. While it’s offered by five various airlines, JetBlue and Southwest room by much the largest. Even so, they typically run non-stop routes that only cover the western half of the united States.

If friend can uncover a trip to long Beach for her cruise, climate it’s your best option in ours opinion.

Long coast Airport (LGB)

Time come Los Angeles civilization Cruise Center: 20-30 minutesTime to port of long Beach: 15-20 minutesCost of an Uber/Lyft come the port: ~$25

#2 john Wayne Airport, Orange county (SNA)

The big positive about flying into Long coast is that you are close to the port, and it’s a user-friendly airport. Still, her flight options are limited.

Flying into LAX method many more flight options, yet it have the right to be a significant headache due to traffic and the number of people.

John Wayne Airport is a happy medium between the two. The offers an ext airline and flight options than lengthy Beach, without being as huge as LAX.

Most major airlines serve the airport, consisting of American, Delta, Southwest, and United. Non-stop cities include Atlanta, Dallas, and Newark, in enhancement to all major cities in the western component of the unified States.

The one border is the street to the port, which likewise takes girlfriend on the notorious 405 Freeway. You deserve to expect the 35-mile journey to the world Cruise center to take about 45 minutes to an hour. The ride come the port of long Beach would certainly take around 10 minutes less.

John Wayne airport (SNA)

Time come Los Angeles world Cruise Center: 45-60 minutesTime to harbor of lengthy Beach: 35-55 minutesCost of one Uber/Lyft to the port: ~$42

#3 Los Angeles worldwide (LAX)

As the biggest hub in the area, most passengers will no doubt use LAX together their plane to acquire to your cruise.

The large advantage that the airport has over rivals is the size. That will offer the most flight choices from much more airlines and much more non-stops than any type of other airplane in the area. As well, if you room flying globally into the area, LAX will certainly be your best best.

Of course, the size has a downside as well. With so numerous flights and terminals in a compact area, LAX deserve to be exceptionally congested. Defense lines deserve to be long, however even fighting through traffic to acquire to the terminal deserve to be a major headache.

The plane is still part distance to the cruise ports, but not as far as the john Wayne Airport discussed above. Suppose it to take about 30-45 minute to obtain to the world Cruise center and about 35-55 minutes to get to the port of lengthy Beach. If traveling on a weekend morning (when most cruises sail), web traffic will hope be on the lighter side.

Los Angeles global (LAX)

Time to Los Angeles world Cruise Center: 30-45 minutesTime to harbor of long Beach: 35-55 minutesCost of an Uber/Lyft come the port: ~$35

#4 (Tie) Hollywood Burbank airport (BUR)/Ontario airport (ONT)

The critical two major airports on our list are Hollywood Burbank and the Ontario Airport. In ours opinion, they room tied in their attractiveness if flying in because that a cruise.

Both airports are fairly small, which provides them attractive to travelers who are interested in gaining in and out of the airport quickly. In fact, both earn superior reviews from passenger for their ease that travel.

While both are hefty with non-stops to the West Coast, they also offer direct flights come as much as brand-new York. Major airlines additionally serve castle both, including Southwest, JetBlue, United and American.

The huge issue v these 2 airports is their distance. While lock are located on opposite sides of the metro, they room both around an hour to an hour and a fifty percent to the cruise ports. The time and also cost spent acquiring to the cruise port way that other airports are an ext attractive if paris in to obtain to the ship.

Hollywood Burbank plane (BUR)

Time to Los Angeles human being Cruise Center: 60-90 minutesTime to port of long Beach: 60-90 minutesCost of one Uber/Lyft to the port: ~$60

Ontario airport (ONT)

Time come Los Angeles world Cruise Center: 60-90 minutesTime to harbor of lengthy Beach: 60-90 minutesCost of an Uber/Lyft come the port: ~$75

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