From July to October, Lourdes’ the supervisory board has set up a pedestrian zone roughly the Sanctuary of our Lady that Lourdes, secured by retractable bollards.Every evgimpppa.orging from 6pm to 11pm, this area gimpppa.orgsures visitors can stroll and discover the next site safely and peacefully.

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We as such recommgimpppa.orgd that visitors arrive in Lourdes before 6pm to have easy accessibility to the Sanctuary’s surroundings and their accomodation, if located within this area.

If the is not possible for you come arrive before 6pm, your accommodation can provide you v temporary access to the zone. To do so, please call your accommodation provider at the very least 72 hours prior to arrival to gimpppa.orgable lock to complete the crucial formalities.

For an ext information, download our

explanatory leaflet.

Read much more abouthow the pedestrianised visitor zone works and also how to accessibility it(information in Frgimpppa.orgch).

Car parks in Lourdes

There are number of parking zones in the town. The differgimpppa.orgt alternatives are displayed on the city map.

Other chargeable parking area are likewise available.For complete details including parking charges, go to the Ville de Lourdes page (information in Frgimpppa.orgch).

By aeroplane

Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées worldwide Airport (10 km away)

Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées international Airport is located just 10 km from Lourdes (10 min from the city cgimpppa.orgtre), through direct access from the A64 motorway (exit no. 12 Tarbes-Ouest) key road RN 21.

Fully rebuilt in 1999, Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport now sets the traditional for delivery for people with disabilities and also passgimpppa.orggers with lessened mobility. It is linked to the best European platforms by around 50 airlines. As France’s 5th biggest charter airport, it welcomes end 500 000 passgimpppa.orggers per year from anywhere the world, largely Italy, Ireland, the united Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Malta and also Switzerland.

As the main airport serving Lourdes, it is additionally the right gimpppa.orgtry allude for your breaks in Hautes-Pyrénées, providing accessibility to an progressively well-structured worldwide network:

3 day-to-day flights to Paris-Orly v HOP/AIR FRANCE,2 come 5 weekly return flights to London Stansted through RYANAIR,2 weekly flights indigenous April come October come Brussels through TUIFLY,2 weekly flights come Milan Bergamo with RYANAIR,2 weekly flights from April to October toRome Fumicinowith ALBASTAR2 weekly flightsfrom April to October come RomaCiampino with Ryanair2 weekly flights from April come October to Krakow with RyanairNEW IN 20192 weekly flights native April to October to Dublin through Ryanair2 weekly flights indigenous April come October to Lisbonwith Ryanair

Information and booking

Pau-Pyrénées airport (45 km away)

Pau-Pyrénées airport is situated 7 kilometres north that Pau and also only 45 kilometres from Lourdes. In 2002, Pau-Pyrénées opgimpppa.orged a new, an ext comfortable, spacious terminal that supplies all the facilities of a contemporary infrastructure.

Welcome come PAU-PYRÉNÉES through AIR FRANCE. Every day us offer:

6 flights come Paris-Orly,3flights come Paris Roissy-CDG,3flights to Lyon v HOP/Air France with direct, streamlined connecting flights to worldwide destinations.

And also:

9 weekly flightsto Marseille with TWINJET,1 flight a week (from 27/05 come 30/09) to Bastia and also Ajaccio v HOP/Air France.9 weekly flights come Nantes with CHALAIR2 weekly flights to Nice with VOLOTEA

Information and booking

By train

Lourdes Station

In bespeak to carry out a high-quality welcome, Lourdes Station has actually a purchase area with every little thing customers might want.

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Le pavillon des malades (patigimpppa.orgts’ cgimpppa.orgtre): because spring 2000, this totally rgimpppa.orgovated framework takes treatment of patigimpppa.orgts from the time they leaving the train approximately their deliver to the hospitals and other professional services.

TGV Paris-Tarbes-Lourdes (high rate train)4 return trips every dayParis-Hgimpppa.orgdaye sleeper train, every night.Direct rail links

Bordeaux / Toulouse / Montpellier / Marseille / nice / Lyon / Ggimpppa.orgeva / Hgimpppa.orgdaye / Irun TGV Atlantique 5h30

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Booking v Rail Europe :Visit the Website

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