I gained into my automobile this morning and couldn"t relocate it indigenous park after ~ I started it. Ns can"t change the gear at all. I have the right to move the wheel, though. I"ve tried come wiggle it yet haven"t forced it because I don"t wanna cause any kind of damage.

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What deserve to I carry out to deal with this problem?



My wife had actually a comparable problem v her Outback at one point. There is a change lock staying clear of the level from relocating out the park as soon as you push the brake.

First, examine to see if you deserve to just unlock the transition lock mechanism. There"s great set of illustrations here:



Note, that site additionally recommends a replacement part for the problem. It reportedly works marvels for part people. Your mileage may vary.


There"s a solenoid that requirements to be set off to enable you to transition from park. Typically this solenoid is only energized when you boring the brake pedal (there may be other requirements as well).

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When you action on the brake pedal, carry out the brake lights walk on? If not, you"ve likely got a faulty brake switch.

If the brake lights work, climate it could be the transition lock solenoid chin that has actually gone bad, or is stuck.

Chrysler 300, dismantle plastic pieces around shifter, you require Phillips 2 scews forward top under slim cover, take totality thing out, currently you watch side of equipment selector mount, toward u you view cable behind the "pink thing" obtain screw driver behehind that nudge forward, E break on!..with various other hand acquire her out of park when nudgeing pink thing forward, the is a lock and also it is useless anymore, peace:-)


Same thing just happened to my wife"s 2005 Chrysler 300 LTD. Find a "K39 Recall". Chrysler need to fix for free!! (Aug. 2015)

This works for me great. Basic to follow.

Part One


Part Two


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