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HiI am around to order some Amsoil artificial oil for my 12 bolt. Can someone tell me countless quarts a 12 bolt rear holds.

A 12 bolt holds 4 pints of lube. The 10 bolt holds 3.5 pints. If you have actually a posi make sure that the lube is an ideal for the posi.
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Use the 75W90 series 2000. 2 quarts will certainly usually get it, however I recommend obtaining 3 in situation you spill some or if 2 doesn"t fairly fill it up. It conserves time by not having to order an additional quart later.
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I just filled mine last week with series 2000 Amsoil 75-w90 (thanks click!) and also it take it 2 quarts. I additionally put this in my M20. I like the fact that girlfriend dont require to include posi additive.
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You dont usage posi additive with the collection 2000 gear oil choose jonesy said. Its constructed into the oil. Other makes of equipment lube require it yet not the Amsoil series 2000. Jim..former owner the a 69RS-LM1 350/255 - 700rFormer Moderator in Team Camaro because that 15 years, spoiling grand children now.

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Amsoil has 2 various 75W90 oils. The continuous 75W90 does not have actually the additive, however the 75W90 series 2000 is prepared to usage in a restricted slip differential without adding anything else to it.
"69 RS/SS396 pro street/427/4spd/9"
I have a powertrax locker in my 12-bolt, running Amsoil. It took about 1 and 3/4 qts to fill it (I guess some volume is displaced due to the Powertrax locker being in there. Ns remember that my (stock) 12 bolts have constantly seemed to take specifically 2 qts. -Rob
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