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Catherine Roerva genuine Name other Names auto used Weapon offered Born Born of location fatality death of place cause of death Fate Allies opponents very first Quotes Last quotes "You made mine life a life hell! now you"re gonna know just how that feels like!" -Before throwing Dave top top the stove.Catherine Roerva-Pelzer (1929-1992) to be an American kid abuser, mostly to one of her sons, Dave, in the 1960s and 70s. According to the background of California, this situation of boy abuse was the most severe in the state. That is all mentioned in adult Dave"s autobiography novel, A Child dubbed "It," first published in 1995.


Early Life

Catherine flourished up in Daly City, California. She was married come Stephen Joseph Pelzer, whom she disgracefully divorce sometime approximately 1973. She offered birth come a couple of kids, consisting of Dave Pelzer, whom she decided to attack on a daily basis in ~ a really young age, which will be spoken about later on on. Prior to she started her life the abuse, she lived a nice and happy life through the Pelzer family. She even tried painting the backdoor measures to surprised her husband; it backfired once she put mats top top them, when the paint was quiet in the process of drying.

Sudden Life the Crime

Catherine began to come to be a drunk and forced her children to discover something she had lost. If one of them forgot what it was, she"d slap their face, tell him they knew what the was, and also to continue searching for it.

One night, in a drunken rampage, she acquired up in small Dave"s face, pushed his arm, and also broke it. When the doctors asked what happened, she insurance claims that Dave fell out of his bed in the middle of the night.

Increased Abuse

As time go on, Catherine began disliking Dave also more. She would always call that a "bad boy," even though his behavior"s to be perfectly fine. She put him back in the very first grade claiming the his grades were therefore bad, he was hosted back, however his grades were good.

One day, she retained him residence from the young scouts, turned on the stove, and also held his arm approximately the flame. Saying the he was the factor for her everyday issues, she claimed that she read about the punishment she was around to do in the newspaper, and also she did. After burning his arm, she required him to obtain naked and also lie face-down on the burning stove. As soon as she others boys got home native the young scout meeting, she told that to put his clothes earlier on.

Chores and Stab

Meanwhile, she forced Dave to do certain jobs about the house, such as doing the dishes. She would generally grab a steak knife and threaten to death him if the didn"t obtain the tasks done top top time. However she never ever would. But one day, the youngest toddler (also well-known as Mother"s little Nazi) ordered Catherine"s leg, as she had a knife in one hand. Unstable, she "accidentally" threw the knife in ~ Dave"s belly, i m sorry stabbed him. As Dave wake up up native unconsciousness, Catherine mended his wound with gauze, yet told him to pull his own weight anyhow.

The Diaper Incident

On vacation, Stephen and the other kids went the end to the waterpark, when Dave continued to be at the motel v Catherine and the baby. At usual, Catherine had an additional trick up she sleeve. She sat Dave under at the table, put a invited diaper in prior of him, and also forced him to eat it. He didn"t since he cried, thinking that to be a means to avoid her. Unfortunately, it didn"t due to the fact that she forced him come eat another one. Crying again, Dave"s challenge was planted under onto the diaper by Catherine and also smeared the around. Once Stephen and also the youngsters came back, Catherine threw Dave a towel, telling him come clean his challenge up. With a bloody nose, Dave had a organization rammed up his nostril.

Ammonia and also Clorox

Another kind of punishment to be by throwing Dave into the bathroom and locking the in there v a bucket that a mixture the ammonia and Clorox, which do a awful smell. Dave believed one way to avoid the smell was by spanning his confront up by the waiting vent. As shortly as Catherine found out about that, she forced him to drink the stuff.

More Punishments and also Issues

One night, Catherine pertained to Dave and apologized for every little thing she"d done to him and asked to start over. They did, till a social worker concerned the house a couple of days later. Dave told her that sometimes, Catherine beats the if he"s a negative boy (which is, in fact, what that said), and also after the woman left, Catherine instantly yelled at him and beat him up also harder, break the "oath" they had. Then, Dave had actually to resume his chores.

Catherine"s child abuse in the direction of Dave to be so massive, she even went together far regarding starve him. This caused Dave to steal native his classmate"s lunchboxes, the industry (during school hours), and the truck delivering frozen warm dogs to the school"s cafeteria. Once that happened, she punched Dave really hard in the stomach, making the puke the half-digested warm dogs into the toilet. Once she told Stephen, he claimed that she must at least provide him ONE point to eat. Hearing that, she required Dave come eat the hot dogs she pulled out of the toilet. Sometimes, Dave was so famished, he"d even steal food indigenous the refrigerator. That brought about Catherine to put spoiled ham in the fridge, to fool him right into thinking that was good food, till he acquired sick.

Soon, Catherine offered him part leftovers to eat, yet for a minimal time come eat. She"d even snatch the dish away prior to Dave had a possibility to even touch one of the morsels. Then, Catherine told Dave to begin taking baths in the dark, in frigid water. She"d let the sleep in Stephen"s bed, though, even though he slept in the basement/garage on an army cot.

One day, in the market, Catherine said Dave to lie down on the floor therefore she might run over him v the shopping cart, but Dave refused. Due to this, she had her other youngsters kick their dirty pair of shoes on him, that would lied on the ground, because that "mouthing off."

The mother Confrontation

When Catherine"s mother involved visit one day, she said her that she should show an ext respect for her son. Yet Catherine yelled in ~ her, saying that it"s her house and also she"ll do what she wants. From that moment forward, the Pelzer family was totally separated from your grandmother and their Uncle Dan.

Dave Leaves

At college one day, Dave is challenged by the college nurse around his health and also body. Dave tells her everything and also the police give him a crate of cookies and also take him far from the school. Dave, scared, trust he"s to be arrested, however the officer said him the he didn"t have to live there with Catherine anymore.

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Catherine passed away in 1992 of unknown circumstances, and her son, Dave Pelzer, wrote around the abuse he put up with in 1995, along with some follow-up stories. Once Catherine died, only six human being attended she funeral.