There are three common causes responsible because that a malfunctioning alarm system. Proceed reading to uncover the culprit.

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This article applies to the Honda Accord (1990-2002).

Nobody likes it when their car"s alarm goes off for no reason. A car that"s perfectly for sure can lure unwanted attention once the alarm goes off. There space a few reasons why one alarm would certainly be exhilaration up. This short article will walk over the factors in order to acquire the alarm functioning properly. Several of the reasons encompass a busted hood latch, poor battery, or shortage in the wiring.

Step 1 – Hood latch sensor

A common reason because that the alarm to continually walk off is a bad hood latch connection. Inspect to watch if this is the situation by disconnecting the hood latch sensor. If the alert starts randomly going off after law this, climate it is certainly the connector. Frequently the sensor gets dirty with roadway grime and also engine grease, which create false positives.

Before unplugging the sensor, friend can shot to clean the if the looks at sight dirty v grease. Human being have had luck clean it through a cleaner for brake parts. After cleaning it, they have reported the issue going away.To solve a faulty hood latch sensor, open up your hood and also look for a small plunger that has a wire on it. It must be on the external edges near the headlights.Once you uncover it, disconnect it and wait to view if this fixed the problem.
Figure 1. Circled in red is the hood latch, and where girlfriend should have the ability to locate the sensor.
Figure 2. Part alarms use a senor that looks favor this because that the hood opening detector.
Pro Tip

If you can"t unplug it, it"s not recommended to reduced the wire. You will must put some elbow grease to ultimately unplug it.

Step 2 – negative battery

If the battery is low, climate trying to start the car will cause the alarm. This can be quickly fixed by instead of the battery. If the battery is in good shape, shot taking it to your regional auto components store and also have it tested. If the battery is quiet in great shape, then there can be a difficulty with the charging system (or someone left a dome irradiate on by accident).

Another battery connected problem can be corroded terminals. Corroded or dirty terminals can reason a negative connection, which forces the car to behave together if the battery is low. If they"re dirty, clean them v battery cleaner.

Figure 3. Voltmeter because that checking the battery voltage.

Step 3 – brief wiring

If the over steps have actually not solved your problem, then you might have a brief wiring somewhere in the system. If you have an aftermarket alarm, this could very much be the case. There have actually been countless complaints that audio shops doing a bad wiring job throughout installation. If this is the case, the ideal bet is to take the car to the shop that installed the alarm system, for this reason they can discover the short wire.

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Figure 4. Part aftermarket alarm equipment use a lot of wiring, so friend will must take it come the shop.