ns am a 40 year old mrs who had actually pre op blood test and also ekg. I am having biopsy surgery in a main to have a lump in my chest removed. I perform not have high blood pressure, take it synthroid daily for thyroid and also had a TIA approx 1 yr ago. At the time, mine cholestrol level to be high but I have because gotten the under control and it is at agree levels. Ns am concerned due come the vault TIA/Cholestorol concern that the EKG i just had states common sinus rythym but cannot rul the end Anterior infarct, period undetermined and abnormal ECG. I had actually an ekg just a month back due to a bout the pnuemonia and also that one was normal. Carry out I have a factor to it is in concerned about the readings on this brand-new EKG? or go this happen frequently (as it shows up to after reading some of these postings). Give thanks to you in advance,Catharine Theresa Jones, RN - Fri Dec 17, 2004 5:14 am

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hi Catharine,Did your medical professional seem pertained to over this brand-new EKG reading?The details that is published on the optimal of one EKG report is what the machine interprets and depends greatly on the EKG lead placement and occasionally reports incorrectly. The human being reading the EKG looks at the rhythm"s and also not simply at the information printed on the optimal of the report. If her physician has reviewed your EKG and also didn"t seem concerned, it"s likely that that was as result of the command placement. Ns hope this helps. Good luck through your biopsy. I hope all turns out well.Sincerely,Rntdj Dr. Yasser Mokhtar
- Tue Dec 21, 2004 1:19 am
to ~ Catharine,Agree 100% through Theresa.i think the ideal thing is to repeat the ecg if necessary and make sure that the leads room in their ideal places and also to to compare the ecgs to each other and no have to rely top top the interpretation of the machine as numerous times they provide incorrect interpretation.If the ecg still reflects the anterior infarction pattern, then ns would suggest that you obtain an echocardiogram.Thank you an extremely much for utilizing our website https://gimpppa.org and also i hope that this details helped.

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Yasser Mokhtar, M.D.
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