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2004 ram Quad Cab SLT 4X45.7 hem 5 rate Auto Transmission3.92 LSDChrome Cold waiting IntakeJet Stream power WireJet present ScoopMetallic Silver/Black Leather internal W/ cook SeatsMopar Soft Tonneau CoverMopar Chrome Tubular StepsCoin Holder1 seriously Sensitive throttle :GET: COIN HOLDERS combination MEMBER # 82 :GET: S.N.A.T.C.H. SWAT Team Captain:drivingz: silver- Truck club Member # 61 :drivingz: < :gr_patrioHemi Ram... Loved by those who very own one, dreamed about by those that don"t" :drink: Paul AKA kicksave :drink: Hemi: (HEM -e) adj. Mopar in type, V8, hot tempered, indigenous to the joined States, carnivorous, eats mostly Ford"s and Chevy"s. Likewise enjoys smoking cigarettes a an excellent import now and then to relax. Http:// ​
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Windex is cool v me for every one of my much chrome together I"ve got, were i to quit utilizing Windex, SC Johnson share would fall several points. LOL.I use Windex on something chrome or glass, typically use Detailer"s Mist on painted surfaces, and Eagle One tire shine top top the rubber.
Brian Quisenberry
Lexington, KentuckyFormerly the the 04 Dodge ram 1500 Quad SLT 4X4, 4.7L persuasion.Currently of the 05 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 Quadra-Trac II, 4.7L persuasion.
I like to use polish myself (Meguires), yet my dad owns number of classic and also antique Mopars, and he windexes every chromed surface ar on them. His 59 DeSoto has about 6 acres of chrome and also stainless trim top top it and also shines supreme v Windex. :elton:

2003 ram 1500 SLT continual Cab, 360 V8, 3.92 limited Slip, 4X4 Offroad Package, 1.5" Torsion Bar Crank, Rancho RS 5000 Shocks, LT 275/70R17 Cooper Discoverer S/Ts, k&n Airfilter, Mopar (Borla) performance Exhaust, Mopar to run Boards, Mopar Slush Mats, Sirius Satellite Radio, Coin Holder

I usage Windex top top the chrome sometimes. Generally I just scrub it down through regular car wash together with the remainder of the truck. Occasionally I usage "Simple green" to clean the chrome component of the wheels and then windex to polish it. But an easy green is getting hard to find.

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David Lantz
2013 Wrangler countless Rubicon "10th Anniversary"President, Texas four Wheel Drive organization Sugar soil just thing necessary for the triumph that evil, is for good men to do nothing.
Yep, windex brings out the shine! no so an excellent if you desire to wax the component for protection favor wheels!
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