It lastly happened…your Scentsy light bulb bit the dust. Now, you recognize it’s an easy fix. You just need a new bulb. Yet what dimension bulb? Where have the right to you get an additional one? deserve to you operation down to the hardware store and grab a new nightlight bulb? this are really common inquiries so if you have them as well you space in an excellent company. So, allow me provide you the 411 on light bulbs.

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The kind & wattage bulb you require is dependency on which warmer the you have. Every Scentsy warmers that use a pear (not all warmers do) will have actually one of three sizes & wattages.

If you have actually a mini-warmer then you will need a 15w bulb through a candelabra stem. A lot of of human being go come the local hardware store and also get a nightlight bulb. Climate they contact me and also say it doesn’t melt your wax. That’s since it’s frequently a 4w nightlight bulb. That won’t work. Buy yes, really Scentsy bulbs and also you will have actually no problems. Friend can even get a discount if friend click here.

Or possibly you require a bulb for a full-size warmer. Climate you will need either a 20w or 25w bulb.

But how deserve to you tell which one friend need? Use one of these 4 ways:

You can inspect the existing catalog and also if her warmer is still current & featured climate you will check out the wattage listed.Check the bottom of her warmer. There is a handy-dandy grey sticker that lists the wattage the the pear you need.You have the right to ask me! ns can constantly direct you.

The quick answer is yes, you can. The much longer answer is a little an ext technical.If you decision to use a various brand pear please make certain you stay with the exactly wattage. Increasing the pear wattage deserve to possibly damages your warmer as it is design to job-related with a lower wattage pear for reduced temperatures and safety. If you usage a greater wattage bulb and also it does damage your warmer you have voided the renowned Scentsy lifetime Warranty.Also, once you use the untrue wattage you operation the hazard of wasting her money. Also low the a wattage and also your wax doesn’t melt. Then you to buy a Scentsy bulb & friend wasted money top top the off-brand bulb. Too high that a wattage and even if girlfriend don’t damages your warmer, friend still shorten the moment of fragrance being emitted from girlfriend wax. Scentsy bars are occurred for a low melting point. Anything name is will cause the odor to evaporate faster.
That is a an extremely subjective question, however I deserve to answer it through my contempt unscientific research right here in mine home.Any lightbulb creates irradiate by heating up a filament wire. The wire is hair thin. The an ext often the filament is stressed with heating increase (warmer on) and also cooling down (warmer off) the much faster it will break and also fail. What does the mean? It’s actually more cost efficient to leave your bulbs on every the time. The filament will certainly last much longer. Mine warmers are on 24hrs a day and my bulbs last at minimum – 1 year. Her results might vary.But Phyllis, what if ns don’t want my scent warming 24hrs a day? No difficulty – just remove your warmer dish. That’s what ns do. If it’s a mini warmer, I carry out turn castle on and also off because $2 every 8-12 months just ain’t a big thing to me. Yet you execute you.

Nope. An facet warmer walk not use a lightbulb. Those warmers usage a warming plate internally. Nothing requirements to be changed.A Diffuser uses internal LED lamp in the base piece. Lock never should be changed. If the lamp in her Diffuser quit functioning you will more than likely need a brand-new base and can take benefit of the restricted Lifetime Warranty.

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Don’t cut corners. Obtain you part authentic Scentsy bulbs and never worry. Take a 3 load in the size and wattage friend need. Climate you will certainly be stocked up for fairly a while.

Happy Warming!

Have questions around lightbulb replacements or looking for Scentsy Products? obtain in touch and also I’d be glad to assist with all things Scentsy!