We’ve got every little thing you should know about the brand new trading features that space now obtainable in Pokemon GO.

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Thanks come an update earlier this year, trade is now accessible in Pokemon GO. It"s something that plaers have actually been asking for because day one, and also fulfills that is promise of allowing trainers come swap pokemon and also complete their Pokedexs. In this Pokemon go Trading Guide, we"ve acquired a trade Stardust cost Chart, as well as everything you"ll have to know around Trading in Pokemon GO. We"ll covering the basics, and likewise take a look at just how friendship level affects Trading expense in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon walk Trading Discount 2019

Pokemon Go just turned 3 years old and as a result, Niantic is adding a bunch of new bonuses to the game. For one thing, trading prices will it is in a 4 minutes 1 of what they normally are, appropriate up until September 2, 2019, in ~ 1 p.m. PDT.


How to trade Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Trading has actually been approximately in Pokemon go for a while now so we know a fair bit around it. We"ve detailed the vital info below, every in one comfortable place.

Trainers must reach level 10 prior to they room eligible to profession pokemonYou should be within 100 metres indigenous the person you would favor to trade withWhen you profession pokemon come a friend, friend will watch the range of CP and HP the you deserve to get. This variety is family member to girlfriend level, your level and also friendship levelStats for both pokemon will be altered by the tradeRegular trades cost 100 Stardust a pieceCandy Bonuses top top the relative distance between where the 2 pokemon were first caught

Special trade in Pokemon GO

On optimal of the continual trading options obtainable to every players at level 10 and also above, over there is also Special Trading. This is only easily accessible to pairs of trainers who have actually a friendship level of an excellent or finest with every other. Here"s all of the details you should know:

Special commerce is unlocked at an excellent or finest Friendship levelsSpecial Trading entails Legendary, Shiny and also pokemon the either trainer has not yet caughtSpecial Trading prices 40k Stardust per trade and is restricted to one profession per day

Pokemon pursuit Trading Stardust cost

The main incentive for levelling up your friendships is that trading will expense less the higher the level friend are. Here"s the commerce stardust expense per friendship level.

Type that PokemonGood friend (1 Day)Great friend (7 Days)Ultra friend (30 Days)Best girlfriend (90 Days)
Standard Pokemon1008084
Shiny or legendary (Owned)20000160001600800
Shiny or legend (unowned)10000008000008000040000

Pokemon go Trading Events

Since the enhancement of Trading come Pokemon GO, Niantic has run a grasp of trading events. Generally, these take place every few months and often show off bonuses for trading a certain amount the Pokemon. There"s nothing in the books for the rest of the year together of yet, however we"ll be certain to save this page updated with vital info together we get it.

Thanks come a recent update, happy Pokemon are now accessible in Pokemon GO. You deserve to only get them by trading, for this reason be certain to head over to our Pokemon GO lucky Pokemon guide for more info.

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On top of adding Trading into Pokemon GO, Niantic also included Friends and Gifts. Head over to our Pokemon walk Friends guide for info on exactly how to include Friends,and be certain to inspect out our Pokemon GO gifts Guide because that details ~ above how gifts work in the game. Girlfriend should likewise head over to ours Pokemon walk Eevee guide for advice on exactly how to evolve eevee in Pokemon GO. For details on how to get Celebi in Pokemon GO, head end to ours Pokemon walk Celebi Guide.