As a present or potential Jeep Wrangler owner, one item the is much more than likely an utmost priority that yours and one that the key reasons you made decision a Wrangler in the first place is for doorless cruising. The inquiry is, though, is that technically legal? will you get pulled end on the highway or anywhere else for enjoying the breeze that a trivial home window simply i will not ~ provide?

Here’s the truth.

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It is completely legal to remove your Jeep doors and also drive top top public roadways without them, as long as you room sure to take treatment of a few minor things first.

When you eliminate your Jeep doors, you will likewise be removed the mirrors. In order to stay in compliance with state laws, you should re-attach your mirrors. Every states call for that a auto have a certain variety of mirrors in order for the driver to check out around and also behind your car.

Because her side-view mirrors space attached to your Jeep doors, you must uncover another means to affix mirrors to your Jeep in bespeak to continue to be safe and abide by the rule of the road.

Some says specify that a vehicle must have actually at least one next mirror and rear see mirror, while others merely state the you must have “two mirrors” of any kind of sort.

States that require one winter include:

AlabamaConnecticutDelawareFloridaHawaiiIllinoisIndianaMaineMassachusettsMinnesotaMississippiMontanaNew MexicoNorth DakotaOregonSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaTennesseeTexasUtahWisconsin

States that call for two winter include:

ArizonaCaliforniaColoradoNew HampshireOklahomaRhode IslandWashington

There room a few states that go by your own much more specific rules. Ohio, because that instance, is the just state the specifically claims that three mirrors are required.

States like new York, Maryland, Kentucky, and Kansas every state that a left side see mirror and interior rearview mirror should be mounted in order to be in compliance v their state laws.

Michigan and Nevada’s regulations only state that mirrors are important if a vehicle is end a certain size.

Missouri no require any type of mirrors because that vehicles made prior to 1968 (for you standard Jeep CJ owners), but any kind of vehicle produced after then must have actually the exact same amount of winter as detailed initially native the factory.

If you desire to learn much more specifics about the regulations of her state or the state you arrangement to visit with your Jeep, see the entire list of mirror legislations by state.



How To connect Mirrors to your Jeep

Whatever model of Jeep Wrangler or CJ friend have, there are a multitude the aftermarket Jeep mirrors easily accessible for acquisition in stores and online. You can pick to one of two people buy aftermarket mirrors the install into the door hinges or persons that use brackets to affix the mirrors to a section of the windshield or human body paneling. Here is one aftermarket Jeep mirror package we recommend.

These aftermarket mirrors room very straightforward to attach and detach with a few bolts, and also there are a surprising variety of YouTube videos out there to assist guide you v the process for your first attempts.

As noted, there are a variety of options obtainable to friend for where you can pick to install your replacement Jeep mirrors:

Mirror Relocation choice #1: stock Mirror

We recommend installing them in the same place as the stock mirror, as this is wherein Jeep established the right height and also location come be for the ideal angle of driver visibility. You deserve to do this by mounting bracketed winter to the next panel of your Jeep in ~ the same elevation level the your stock mirrors would usually reside.

Mirror Relocation alternative #2: Door Hinge

Another common relocation point, though, is within the Jeep door hinges. This is among the the very least expensive options and likewise provides a quick method for installation and removal for once you’re prepared to put your doors back on. The main concern with this option, however, is the the side mirrors space much reduced than the share ones that come attached to your Jeep doors. If you’re searching for the many simple way to comply with state laws, this is your best route, but it comes with less visibility and much more concerns in ~ highway speeds as wind noise and also vibration room common.


Inexpensive solutionQuick installation/removal


Poor visibility locationUnsteady position on highwaysWind noiseVibrations

Mirror Relocation alternative #3: Windshield Pillar

Another popular option among offroaders is the windshield pillar place for instead of Jeep mirrors. These carry out a much far better job at placing the winter in a greater spot the is an ext in line v the original factory mirror location. Plenty of of this mirror options are also easily accessible in a quick-release kind with a base bracket the is secured come the windshield pillar framework bolts. The initial surroundings is rather seamless, and also you still have the choice to quickly remove and reinstall the door hinge system.

While it may seem choose the windshield shaft mirror choice is the best of both worlds, it still comes with some drawbacks. Comparable to the door hinge mounting, there deserve to be a significant amount that wind noise and also vibration since the mirrors prolong so far away indigenous the human body of the Jeep. They also come with a more hefty price sign in most cases.


Better visibility locationQuick installation/removalMore stable and consistent visibility


Some models have the right to still result in vibrations and also wind noisePriceSemi-permanent base attached to the windshield pillar

Mirror Relocation alternative #4: pipe Door

Another viable alternative for your replacement mirrors to remain street legal is top top a pair of tube doors. Many Jeep tube doors enable for a straight relocation that the factory mirrors. While you can save money through not having actually to buy instead of mirrors, you would still need to buy tube doors, i m sorry is even more costly. If you arrangement on using tube doors regardless, then this can be your finest option.


Best manufacturing facility location relocationIdeal visibility solutionPermanently attached come the pipe doors permits for coincided install/removal of pipe doorsCan frequently utilize manual factory mirrors for a quick relocation solution


Requires the purchase of pipe doors

Now the you recognize you can take your doors off her Jeep and cruise with the assurance the you are street legal, you require to have actually a an easy and efficient way to hang and also store your Jeep doors for those beautiful summer days!

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With our Jeep door hanger solution, there is no much more drilling feet in your wall surface or having actually to choose before you go on one off-road adventure even if it is to keep your doors ~ above or leaving them behind and risk the weather.

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