The game stations 3 (often abbreviation PS3) is the 3rd home video clip game console created and also released by Sony computer system Entertainment Inc.

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Hey Team,So, I have a game stations 3 and also I to be wondering whether or not it was a way idea to stand it vertically (y"know, therefore there"s an ext height than base). I recognize on yonder Xbox 360 this have the right to spell a the majority of danger because that scratching the hell out of her discs, but does this same trouble occur for the PS3?Thanks.


The ps3 is for standing up and standing horizontally therefore you can have was standing vertically if girlfriend want. My brothers have had actually his was standing vertically for almost a year now without any type of problems.


anzelm said: "The ps3 is for standing up as well as standing horizontally therefore you can have stand vertically if girlfriend want. My brothers have had his stand vertically for practically a year currently without any problems." just make certain you was standing it up not blocking the fans, its feasible to stand it increase blocking the airflow and also shortening her systme lifespan. Never ever been a large fan of placing things vertically, simply makes them simpler to autumn off, so store that in mind, however it"d be finest to keep it horizontal.

dude don"t worry, the ps3 isn"t a peice of shit choose the 360 (i love 360, yet that hardware blows man sorry)


Vertical is well too. It has actually rubber pads on the next if friend haven"t noticed. It functions both ways like the PS2. Do everything works ideal for her situation. =)

Sure if girlfriend feel choose it....I discovered horizontal if that is in a more enclosed space(same through the 360) to not be a great choice, I have both my systems standing vertically.

said: "There"s nothing yet risk involved with sitting it vertically." then why is it vertical in most PS3 ads/store demos etc.? =pAnd why is the text on the top shown so the it looks much better vertical? xDIn fact, also the PS logo design is rotatable if you hadn"t i found it o.OIt"s very much designed to be supplied vertical, with horizontal likewise being a perfectly safe option. =)

Standing consoles prefer the 360, PS2, PS3, and Wii vertically is recommended. Research studies have shown that horizontal consoles cause much more wear and tear on the games contrasted to was standing the consoles up.

That"s what I"ve read, and also everyone I understand who has stood their consoles vertically have had actually a reduced trouble with your games contrasted to world I understand that store their consoles horizontal.
jakob187 said: "Standing consoles like the 360, PS2, PS3, and also Wii vertically is recommended. Research studies have displayed that horizontal consoles cause an ext wear and tear top top the games compared to stand the consoles up.
That"s what I"ve read, and also everyone I know who has stood your consoles vertically have had a reduced problem with your games compared to people I know that keep their consoles horizontal.

The danger with the 360 is the weak magnet they use to hold the bowl in the drive. A good bump will reason it to spin the end of the tray and also skip about scratchingi t horribly. This is what causes the burn rings many gamers encounter.This is additionally why they call you to not move the console when it"s running.The PS3 and Wii (which is designed to stand vertically) don"t have actually this problem. They room all magnetic and also don"t usage a tray prefer the 360.

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no danger at all, ns dont have actually mine standing simply since it wouldnt fit on mine tv stand the way, the risk with the 360 standing and also even lying under is those dreaded laser burns, vibrations as tiny as that produced simply by hoovering/vacuming close to the console becuase of the poor design in the it offers a key tray to hol the discalso blu-ray is a much more robust and durable medium than the of the DVD used for 360 games thanks to the durabus coating... Mine one outstanding little bit of evidence for this is the i work in a games retailer who deal in game trade-ins and to date havent watched a single ps3 game with a laser burn or even a serious scrape on it, meanwhile laser burns on a 360 space a consistent occurance, ns talking choose 7 or 8 one hour, well i think i"ve go a tiny off track, erm yeah stand it increase lie the down just make sure you twist the tiny playstation logo round have actually fun v it alternative on a weekly or day-to-day basis.