Do you know whether you require a left or appropriate handed bow? carry out you also know the differences in between a left or right handed bow and what castle look like? Let’s uncover out.

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Handedness is important. Compound bows, recurve bows and also longbows (those links will take it you come our roundups that the ideal examples that each type available in the market) are made contempt differently depending on the handedness of the user.

In stimulate to choose whether you have to shoot a right or left handed bow firstly you need to recognize which is your dominant eye if girlfriend don’t currently know this, follow our eye dominance guide!

Next you need to recognize your handedness. Girlfriend probably already know if you’re left or ideal handed, yet just in case…


Are you left handed, ideal handed or ambidextrous?

​You can usually tell which is your leading hand together it will be the one that:

You write withWorks your computer mouseHolds your toothbrushHolds her tennis racketYou hold a cup with once you drinkYou get the idea…​

There room a small variety of people who can do everything simply as quickly with both hands, these human being are truly ambidextrous.

Once you understand your leading eye and also dominant hand you have the right to determine which form of supremacy you have.

Hand & Eye Dominance

A left handed human being with a dominant left eye is left dominant.​If friend are best handed and also your dominant eye is the right eye you are ideal dominant.Left eye dominant and also right handed world are cross-dominant (sometimes dubbed cross-eye dominant).​If girlfriend are appropriate eye dominant and also left handed girlfriend are likewise cross-dominant (sometimes called cross-eye dominant).An ambi-ocular person who is left handed haspartial left dominance.​If you space ambi-ocular and also right handed you are partial ideal dominance.​If you room ambi-ocular and ambi-dextrous you’re nice unique, it’s upto you to select which you desire to be your dominant side and also which way you will shoot.

Left or ideal Handed Bow Choice

Now you understand your in its entirety dominance, it will be easy to identify which type of bow you have to shoot.

Dominant Hand

Dominant Eye


Handedness the Bow

RightLeftCrossLeft (usually)
LeftRightCrossRight (usually)
AmbidextrousLeftPartial LeftLeft
AmbidextrousRightPartial RightRight

People with a clean or partial dominant side should find the choice easy together it will be form of bow provided in the table above.

Cross dominant – Bow Choice

If you space cross-dominant you have actually a an option to make and also this have the right to come under to an individual preference or age. You will need to re-train either your eye or hand prominence when shooting, the older you gain the more difficult it becomes to re-train your fine motor skills so the natural choice is to usage the less leading eye instead and also choose the type of bow the matches your dominant hand.

If you room young however you can entertain the possibility of shooting with your non-dominant hand, the best way to decide what feels ideal will it is in to visit an archery variety and psychological both methods of shooting.

If you have actually no dominance, the selection is really down to an individual preference, however here space a few things to bear in mind.

Left Handed vs best Handed Bow

A right handed bow is hosted in the left hand and the bowstring is drawn back with the best hand, the opposite a left handed bow is hosted in the best hand the bowstring is drawn ago with the left hand.

Bows are manufactured differently for best vs left handed people however many various other pieces of tools such as eight guards, quivers and also bow wire releases have the right to be provided with one of two people hand.

There room less left handed people in the civilization than right handed. This is a reality I love. I mean as a left hander ns wouldn’t feel one-of-a-kind if things were separation 50/50. Subsequently there is much less archery devices produced and also stocked because that left handers transparent the world.

Although many bow manufacturers produce models the bow for both left and also right handed civilization a right handed archer will find it less complicated to purchase and also trial display models native shop share and also find it much easier to source items on second hand website such as Ebay.

Also once shooting in ~ a range, the opportunities are the if you want to shot someone elses bow they’ll be right handed however it is possible….

Can ns Shoot a Left Handed Bow appropriate Handed?

This additionally applies to shooting a best handed bow left handed, and also the answer is yes friend can perform it and also you may it is in accurate, yet the arrow rest will certainly be ~ above the dorn side and also you will have to compensate for this in her aim for this reason it isn’t advised the you execute this regularly.

Get the right sort the bow for her handedness uneven you have actually no choice.

How come Tell if a Bow is Left or right Handed

Examine the area just above the grip on the handle of the bow the arrowhead rest need to be there, together you organize the bow (with either hand) through the grip the end in prior of friend the arrowhead rest will be top top the left side of the bow for a right-handed bow and also the right side that the bow for a left-handed bow.

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Left vs right handed bow

Which bow come choose?

Now you understand which handedness girlfriend need, take it a look with our posts where we’ve rounded up the ideal recurve bow and the ideal compound bow, we have something for every price variety and every form of user from hunters come target shooters and most importantly us tell friend which handedness they’re accessible for.