a:1:i:0;a:2:s:13:”section_title”;s:41:”Can You check out What ns See? tips & Tricks”;s:12:”section_body”;s:18586:”Has one of the riddles in have the right to You see What i See obtained you stumped? would certainly you favor to understand where that specifically hard to discover item is? read our advice & tricks – finish with screeshots – to find out every little thing you have to know.

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This video game is nice straightforward. You have a list of items at the bottom that the screen, and also from that list you have to find and also click top top the correct items. Sounds an easy enough, well don’t it is in fooled this game is more an overwhelming than that looks. The objects are visible, but because there space so countless things to see on the screen, they have the right to be hard to discover at times.

You will begin the game with 5 hints. Added hints have the right to be obtained in two various ways: girlfriend can uncover Seymour in each scene, or you can play a mini-game. Friend will view a snapshot of Seymour in the “How come Play” screen at the beginning of the game. There space 12 places to visit, and also Seymour will be in each place only once. Friend will obtain one hint because that each Seymour that you find, which means you will get second 12 hints just for finding him.In summation, you start with 5 hints, you have the right to earn 12 extra clues by finding Seymour and 10 more with the confusing Jar game.For the entirety game you will certainly only have 27 hints easily accessible so usage them wisely.Once friend have discovered Seymour, clicking him again will actually it is registered as a missed click, so it is in careful.

The an ext hints you have left on your display at the finish of each game the an ext points you will certainly earn. Shot to accumulate together many ideas without utilizing them in order to gain a greater score each time.

You can not use clues in the puzzles in which you require to find rare collectibles, the card matching games or in the jumble Jar game. Clues can only be supplied for the hidden object search component of the game.

Another method of obtaining clues is by playing the jumble Jar mini video game that appears in the reduced right side of the scene. This is a fun video game that has a time limit attached come it. Friend will must drag items from the jar right into their appropriate bins. If you deserve to separate them properly within the allotted time you will earn one extra hint.You deserve to only beat the jumble Jar game a maximum of ten times, which means you can only earn second 10 hints by act so. You will certainly earn the capacity to play much more Jumble Jar gamings as friend complete specific levels. You deserve to wait and also play them all at once or you have the right to play them as they show up on the screen.I discovered it less complicated to place all the very same items at one time in a bin. This would reduced down ~ above confusion because it made it simpler to focus and not acquire the bins combined up.

The jumble Jar video game starts v four different bins in i m sorry you must put items in, buttons, beads, cars and also blocks. Each time friend play, more items and much more bins will certainly be added to the list. After you’ve play 5 rounds you will have 6 bins rather of 4, shells, cars, blocks, others, buttons and beads.

In the bin significant “others” you must put anything that doesn’t belong in the other five categories, prefer animals, coins, mechanical components etc. You deserve to play the confusing Jar numerous times in a row until you acquire all the ideas you need.

There’s a memory mini game that you will play as well. This is a straightforward enhance cards memory game. In some of the equivalent games girlfriend will need to match identical objects. In other instances you will need to enhance cards with the very same color. This mini video game will aid you unlock part of the collectible mystery code. There is no time limit as soon as you beat this game.

Each item you click an not correct item, you will shed 40 secs off your clock. Friend may have the ability to get away v a couple of incorrect clicks without penalty, however not also many.

You cannot click on Seymour if you’ve already found the last item ~ above the list. If you’ve clicked on her last article on the list and then girlfriend realize that you forgot to click Seymour, you will not be able to do it. You will get an additional chance to click him as soon as you revisit that scene again.

There’s no way to skip puzzles in this game so girlfriend must complete everything in bespeak to move on.

If you decision to leave out that the game before you’ve completed a level, girlfriend will need to start indigenous the start of together level upon your return. If girlfriend don’t desire to start over, especially in a hard round, it might be best to take it a few minutes and also finish so the you don’t need to start over.

In order come decipher the an enig code friend will have to rotate the wooden block pieces. Each block has three letter choices; rotate the blocks roughly until friend decipher the ideal word. When you’ve established the correct word, the blocks will certainly merge together and automatically lock into place.

You can right click parts the the display so you deserve to zoom in or out of the screen and also get a closer look. Every scene is separated into 4 quarters, right-clicking on each quarter will zoom in on everything quarter you’ve selected. Girlfriend will definitely need to usage the zooming feature due to the fact that some items room so tiny that it deserve to be difficult to click them otherwise.

If you don’t want to best click in order to zoom in on one area, friend can click on the magnifying glass symbol at the bottom that the scene. The screen will instantly divide chin in 4 quadrants. Push your magnifying glass on the quadrant the you want and also you will gain a much more detailed look of that corner.

After each key puzzle friend will have actually a riddle that you have to solve. Fixing the riddle will provide you the answer because that the item that you must find. The item will be part of a rare collectible item that have to be found. Find and also decipher every 12 and you will win the game.

When you’re done through the game you have actually the option of starting a brand-new game or replaying with a new set that collectibles come find.ITEM LOCATIONS

Here space some images, arranged by room, that present the places of few of the items you can be asked come find.


Beads & Baubles







Junk Drawer

Miniature Cars


Spare Parts

Toy Robots


Here room all the locations in which you can discover Seymour. Each time you find him you gain an extra hint. They are provided in alphabetical order.

Animals – Top center of the scene, close to a giraffe.Beads and Baubles- he is top top the height middle part of the screen, alongside a silver- bucket.Bins – Seymour is in the an initial bin on the optimal left side.Blocks – that is in the optimal left next of the scene, within of a red block.Button Happy – that is ~ above the lower right next corner, alongside a red spool that thread.Dinosaurs – the is ~ above the lower left next of the screen, inside of a cave.Games – Seymour is in the reduced center part of the screen, the is top top a big card that has assorted items shown on it.Junk drawer – If you zoom right into the lower right side, that is over the big round silver container.Miniature cars -Top middle part of the screen, on top of a green truck.Plushies -Seymour is in the height left side of the scene, very tiny, close come the bear v the overalls.Spare components – the is in the top facility of the screen, inside of a baby crib.Toy Robots – he is ~ above the lower right side of the scene.


Riddle #1-“It can slip v a small slot, or shine bright in a rainbow pot”-(GOLD COIN) “Beagle” Upper ideal quarter, in the red and also green robot.

Riddle #2-“It’s required so a article can go, with rain, hail, sleet or snow” (STAMP)”The reverse George” height right quarter of the scene.

Riddle #3-It’s a item of eight indigenous a pirate chest can this one be among the best? (Silver Coin) Calico Jack Pirate Treasure, height right side, under elephant.

Riddle #4-“It survives come this very day, it aided T-Rex catch prey” (T-Rex third claw) 4th bin native the left, in the middle row – the large crescent-shaped claw.

Riddle #5-“On its back, you’ll discover the stats, the one that catches, throws and bats.” (BASEBALL CARD) upper left corner

Riddle #6-“It fastens any kind of coat or vest, this one has actually a laurel crest”.(BUTTON) Napoleon’s Button, peak left side, inside if one orange truck.

Riddle #7- “They’re hosted in ar by nose and also ears, and aid one’s eye in later on years”. (EYEGLASSES) Ben’ Bifocals. Height left side, by the red dice with 3 hearts.

Riddle #8-“It was minted with a phony date, in what is now a us state”.(SILVER COIN) pine tree tree shilling, the is located on the reduced right side, through a blue block.

Riddle #9-“It’s valuable when a fork won’t do, come lift things to sip or chew”. (SPOON) Romanov Spoon, ideal side within the silver- tray.

Riddle #10- It’s a portrait the a future queen, carved when she was simply sixteen. (Cameo the a woman) Albert’s Gift, left next edge of the screen, towards the middle.

Riddle #11- “These end up being worth much more than ten, with Jesse signed them through a pen”. (TEN dissension BILL) on the teddy bear with the blue and white striped overalls.Top left corner.

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Riddle #12-“It’s hands are thin. It’s face is round, It’s listed for its ticking sound.” (POCKET WATCH) Abe Lincoln Watch. That is in the lower right side


EXTREME spoiler BELOW!!!


RARE COLLECTIBLE code DECIPHERED: “The rare item is hidden behind lucky 07”

SECRET password LOCATION: The rarely item is surprise behind happy number 7, i beg your pardon is the black and also white domino ~ above the upper left side. Alongside the train.