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5 tips before getting a relaxer
Having relaxed hair is no hard, but it absolutely requires work and also effort come take care of it and keep that healthy. Plenty of women with calm hair ask exactly how soon lock can get a relaxer after acquisition braids down. I recently had braids and was taking them under right before my relaxer therefore I wanted to share 5 tips before getting a relaxer after taking braids down.
how to safely take her braids down prior to relaxing
Do not brush
-You might be wondering just how you deserve to brush your hair as soon as you have braids, however this additionally includes making use of the small brush to apply edge control. Countless women carry out this to store their braids spring fresh. Brushing offers you the same outcomes as scratching. Perform not brush her hair before getting a touch up. A burn scalp can lead to chemistry burn therefore don"t carry out this in ~ all!Do be certain to have actually two inch of brand-new growth- Be sure you have at least two inch of new growth prior to getting a touch up. Overlapping will result in breakage and also damage for this reason to stop it, let your brand-new growth measure out to at the very least two customs so her hairstylist will plainly be able to check out whee the new growth starts and also stops. By the moment I take it my braids down, i had about three full inches of new growth! It"s been virtually nine months since my critical relaxer.
How long should i wait before I relax?
Before acquisition my braids down I made certain to base my scalp really well. I typically use the base the is offered with the relaxer device that i use yet I did not have that at residence so I merely used vaseline. The works specifically the same way. I also oiled my scalp one last time v the soft Regrowth Oil.
How to prepare the hair prior to relaxing
Once ns took mine hair completely down, ns combed with it v a vast tooth comb from the root all the means to the end to ensure ns get all of the hair that shed. This is what ns looked choose after removing every one of the braid hair. Lastly, I simply put mine satin scarf back on till it was relaxer time.

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detangle hair well before relaxing
Check out the video below come see exactly how I detangled my hair.