Turkey, the centerpiece of many Thanksgiving meals, is a short in fat and also high in protein nutritonal star. A 3 and also 1/2 ounce serving is about the size and also thickness of a new deck the cards. The fat and calorie contents varies due to the fact that white meat has less fat and fewer calories 보다 the dark meat and also skin.

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Calories in a 3 and also 1/2 oz serving (from a entirety roasted turkey):

Breast through skin: 194 calories; 8g fat; 29g proteinBreast there is no skin: 161 calories; 4g fat; 30g proteinWing v skin: 238 calories; 13g fat; 27g proteinLeg v skin: 213 calories; 11g fat; 28g proteinDark meat with skin: 232 calories; 13g fat; 27g proteinDark meat without skin: 192 calories; 8g fat; 28g proteinSkin only: 482 calories; 44g fat; 19g protein

Once The Turkey Is Cooked, Does that Matter how Long It remains Unrefrigerated?

Yes, yes, yes! according to the Centers for an illness Control the number of reported cases of food borne condition (food poisoning) increases during the holiday season. Food do not do it be left the end for an ext than two hours.

If you’re saving turkey leftovers, remove all of the stuffing from within the turkey, cut the turkey meat off the bone, and refrigerate or freeze all of the leftovers.

The simple Rules for Leftovers

According to the March 2010 version of the Nutrition action Healthletter (Center for scientific research in the general public Interest) the mantra is:

2 Hours–2 Inches–4 Days

2 hours from stove to refrigerator: Refrigerate or freeze her leftovers in ~ 2 hrs of cooking. Litter them far if they space out longer than that.2 Inches special to cool it quick: Store your food at a shallow depth–about 2 inches–to rate chilling.4 days in the refrigerator–otherwise freeze it: use your leftovers that are stored in the fridge within 4 days. The exceptions room stuffing and gravy.They should be offered within 2 days. Reheat hard leftovers to 165 degrees F and also liquid leftovers to a roll boil. Toss what you don’t finish.

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How Long deserve to Leftover Turkey stay In The Freezer?

Frozen leftover turkey, stuffing, and gravy must be offered within one month. To frozen leftovers, parcel them correctly using freezer plunder or freezer containers. Use heavy duty aluminum foil, freezer paper, or freezer bags for finest results and also don’t leave any air space. Squeeze the excess waiting from the freezer bags and also fill strict freezer containers to the optimal with dried food. Without suitable packaging, circulating waiting in the freezer can produce freezer burn – those white dried-out job on the surface ar of food the make the tough and tasteless. Leaving a one-inch head room in containers v liquid and fifty percent an inch in containers filled through semi-solids.