Rice and potatoes?
"You"re bespeak rice and also potatoes?""Sure, why not?""Because you simply don"t. You don"t eat rice through potatoes. That"s two starches. It"s no allowed!""Whatever. It"s good. Friend should shot it."
Honduran chicken pastelito
Actually, I have tried it. Over there is no means around it. Yummy pastelitos (fried meat pies) frequently come with rice and potatoes inside. For this reason do countless tamales, including the ones ns make.I don"t know about the rest of Honduras, but arroz con pollo (rice with chicken) served with ensalada de papas (potato salad) is the most typical party food about this part of the country. It"s cheap (not lot pollo in the rice!), fairly easy to do in substantial quantities to serve a crowd, and an extremely filling, especially when offered with two slices of plain white Bimbo bread (think Wonder bread). Both dishes are good. I just wish lock weren"t served together. I am a bread snob, though, and also have to happen on the Bimbo bread. "What is it v gringos and eating rice v potatoes?""Okay, ns was taught the you must eat a meat, a veggie, a starch (though probably not so lot anymore through all the no-carb people), and also maybe a salad – extra veggies space okay, however never two starches. You don"t eat rice through potatoes, or potatoes v pasta, or pasta v rice. If the soup has actually potatoes in it, girlfriend don"t put rice in it. If it has actually rice, friend don"t put potatoes. If it has noodles, friend don"t put rice or potatoes. Acquired it? That"s just the way it is. It"s a law. The regulation of gringo eating."

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Conversely, mine Catracho desires his bastimento. As an example, he stated that he could have a key of spaghetti v a next of rice and would still need a bastimento to go with it.
Guineos and also yuca
"Bastimento" can basically be defined as something starchy to fill you up. In La Ceiba, the is normally boiled guineos (bananas), boiled or fried platanos (plantains) or yuca (a potato-like source vegetable), or tortillas, one of two people corn or flour, most often corn. Bread will certainly serve in a pinch. Rice doesn"t count together a bastimento, neither execute potatoes, also though they are starchy and also will to fill you up. However wait! ~ doing some reality checking through El Jefe, it transforms out the french fries are a bastimento, yet potato salad is not. Other species of potatoes might be enabled as a substitute, however never potato salad. Never. It"s not a bastimento for part unfathomable reason. Apparently including mayo to potatoes removes it"s bastimento status. "I need to look in ~ my plate and also convince myself that mashed potato or baked potato is a bastimento. Then i am satisfied the I have a finish meal."I discovered out the potato salad doesn"t count one time as soon as we had actually the whole family over. We made pinchos (both chicken and beef kabobs through chiles and also onions). Ns had around 10 pounds every of beef, chicken, potato salad and also cole slaw. We started with about 6 dozen deviled egg halves and also a pot that homemade bean, cheese, and chorizo anafre (bean and also sausage dip) through tortilla chips and also ended v two different desserts. My enjoy the meal was uncovered lacking since there to be no bastimento. :-{
Corn tortillas - si! bastimento
I learned my lesson. The following time, ns asked my sister-in-law if she could make the tortillas. I can make them, yet just couldn"t imagine the time it would take to make a mountain of tortillas through all the other cooking I was doing. Therefore she kindly brought around 50 tortillas. My mother-in-law ate two and also I sent out all the remainder of the tortillas house with anyone else. Walk figure.And the Catracho rule? No guineos with tortillas! ns once said that we have actually fried tajadas through our baleadas. The watch I gained from him and also Arexy! girlfriend would have thought I argued we fried food up among the chihuahuas for lunch.

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"You can"t eat platanos with tortillas. It"s the law."