ns am relocating to an all electrical apartment and also have a gas dryer. The is 3 year old. Deserve to it be converted to an electric dryer? just how would I discover someone to perform this?


In general, no friend can"t do this.

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I mean it"s possible that the manufacturer uses numerous of the very same parts in between their gas and electric models and also you can buy sufficient parts to do a conversion, yet this would most likely cost more than just buying an electrical dryer in the an initial place.

But I"ve never seen a supported conversion kit - mine advice: sell the gas dryer and buy an electric.


You might transform it to use propane. That method you can keep using it. There are some videos around how to do it.

Don"t know about how it will influence its working, or longevity.





I mean you could, however it doesn"t make sense. Gas is almost always cheaper than electricity per kilowatt. Therefore the operational cost is less for the gas dryer. In addition gas produces much more BTU than electrical so the gas dryer is an ext efficient and will dry the clothing faster. The just down next is the initial expense of the appliance is a bit greater for a gas dryer

Yes, a mechanical regulate gas dryer deserve to be convert to an electric dryer, just as a mechanical control electric dryer can be convert to gas. The newer computer controlled appliances might be problematic for conversions, i.e., too expensive to do it a feasible option, (but who knows, probably flip a dip move on the board and also it might work simply fine). Otherwise, on a mechanical manage dryer, most of the components are the exact same whether gas or electric(or propane which is a relatively simple, safe and inexpensive conversion indigenous NG).

While ns am acquainted with Alliance products, ns am relatively certain most dryers would be the same. As far as dryers go, manufacturers save time and also money by having most options built into the cabinets and controls, in other words, many of the cabinet and also moving parts of dryers room the same whether gas or electric, and have been unchanged for decades. What has changed, and not constantly for the better, room the controls and their consoles/panels. Mechanically controls seldom if ever malfunction in a residential setting, whereas computer controls can go bad for a variety of reasons and also are expensive come replace.

The first thing would certainly be to eliminate the parts particular to the gas dryer:the gas lead-in pipeline assembly, shut off valve and elbow, igniter and bracket assembly, burner assembly, the coils and also gas valve assembly and mounting bracket, heat duct shroud, burning duct and limit thermostat, and the 110 power lead in cord.Then we would certainly replace all of the over with an electric heater kit (either 208 or 240 volts) which has all cable assemblies, thermal fuse assembly, and limit thermostat, the mounting holes are already in the heater duct it attaches to.Next come the 220 terminal block and terminal block shield which connect to the backside of the rear bulkhead assembly, the mounting holes are already there on all dryers as space the 220 terminal block accessibility cutout and also cover on the behind of the cabinet, with which is mounted the 3 prong or 4 prong 220 command in cord.

And lastly the wiring, the defense cabinet exploit assembly and wire harness assembly details to the machine (front or rear controls) must be readjusted to the versions ideal to the machine"s serial number and the brand-new electric heater.

For any type of looking at a gas to electrical conversion, it would certainly be wise to inspect/replace items such together the (2) cylinder rollers, and also the (2) cylinder roller shafts, the cylinder belt, the idler lever and also wheel assembly, and the flexible exhaust venting outside of the an equipment which may become clogged v lint.Since most of the functioning parts should be removed from within the dryer for this conversion, the is quite easily accessible to usage of a vacuum to eliminate all lint within the room or the vents in ~ the rear, and also all the holds the motor and also exhaust pan assembly is 2 screws and a strength clip, so it doesn"t take lengthy to eliminate it and blow out any type of lint which has collected inside the blower housing and on the motor.

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The kick panel on many dryers has actually 2 5/16 screws holding that on, and if you have someone who have the right to remove it girlfriend can check to view if over there is a buildup of lint inside, if so you should speak to for service, or if therefore inclined, unplug the device and closely vacuum out everything lint is obtainable because a buildup the lint inside the dryer is a fire risk whether gas or electric.