ns am a secretary in ~ an Ohio High School and also I regularly get 18 year old seniors who desire to authorize themselves in/out or to contact themselves in sick there is no notifying a parent. Our school plan has constantly been the we have to talk come a parental regardless if 18. Ns can't find anything on the ODE website top top this specific scenario.

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A: great question. Under federal law, educational civil liberties (and responsibilities) deliver to the student when they rotate 18, even if they are still in school. Therefore a student deserve to sign themselves the end or report their own absences when they rotate 18. However, an exemption to this FERPA rule permits schools to disclose confidential student information to parents if the college student is a dependent of the parents for IRS purposes. Ns think many schools proceed to notify parents uneven there is some indication the the student is no longer a dependency (e.g. No longer lives through them).


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