You see that monster stick coming the end of an electric guitar wondering what does that do? it’s a whammy bar! Whammy bar is a cool playing device that bends the string, an altering its pitch.

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You have the right to do all kinds of stuff through it. However, you might wonder, is it bad for a guitar? have the right to it pains your guitar bridge, or strings in any kind of way?

Whammy bar is perfectly safe for a guitar. Otherwise, castle wouldn’t do these. Friend can notification your strings going the end of track whenever you use it, though. But if that’s the case, it’s most likely not a whammy bar that reasons your strings going turn off tune. It’s probably something rather functioning improperly on her guitar.

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1 Difference between Whammy Bar, Floyd Rose and Tremolo
2 walk Whammy Bar Detune Guitar?
3 What does A Whammy Bar top top A etc Do?
4 how Does A guitar Tremolo Work?
5 What Is A Floating Tremolo?
6 What Is Synchronized Tremolo?
7 deserve to You put A Whammy Bar On any Guitar?
8 those The Difference in between A Whammy -Bar and A Tremolo Bar?
9 have the right to You placed Whammy Bar ~ above A base Guitar?
10 Who created Whammy Bar?
11 Why Is It referred to as A Whammy Bar?
12 Conclusion

Difference between Whammy Bar, Floyd Rose and Tremolo

You may be confused as friend hear these various terms favor floyd rose, tremolo or a whammy bar. What’s the difference?

All of this terms was standing for one thing – a vibrato system. Vibrato method a rapid change in pitch, therefore vibrato device is a device that ensures you can readjust the key of a wire rapidly.

Whammy bar is just that rod you view on virtually every electrical guitar. Tremolo technically means volume, but the term is incorrectly used because that a whammy bar, because of some historical reasons.

Floyd increased is a certain design the a vibrato system. That vibrato device (floyd rose) uses dual locking and also floating system which gives a guitar player a wider range that possibilities when using a whammy bar. Also, it renders your etc tuning security stronger.

Does Whammy Bar Detune Guitar?

You may an alert that your strings contempt go the end of tune when using a whammy bar. However in almost all cases, the not led to by a whammy bar itself. Although strings have the right to indeed go out of tune after whammy bar usage, the mostly due to the fact that something rather is no functioning correctly on your guitar.

Nut can regularly be a problem. Friction in between strings and also their nut slots, come be an ext precise. Also, action height might not be collection properly.

If girlfriend notice significant tuning stability concerns after you usage a whammy bar, you probably need to examine out these things first.

Check out the post from this page about locking tuners and also locking nut systems you have the right to put on her guitar, here.

What go A Whammy Bar ~ above A etc Do?

As it’s been currently stated above, a whammy bar is just a component of a vibrato system your electric guitar have. When you use your whammy bar, it alters a key of strings you play rapidly.

You understand whammy bar is supplied when girlfriend hear that fast pitch readjust that can sound cool.

How go A guitar Tremolo Work?

Tremolo eight is an regrettably term, because it means volume. Tremolo arm (or a whammy bar, to it is in correct) functions in a means that it changes the tension of the strings.

Tension is controlled by utilizing a managing lever (whammy bar). It works simple. When you take a whammy bar, you have the right to pull that down. That pull under is heightening your etc bridge. Once a guitar leg gets higher, the stress and anxiety of strings lower.

You have the right to hear the result of this physics movement. Rapid readjust in pitch.

What Is A Floating Tremolo?

Floating tremolo way you have a floating bridge. A floating leg will enable you to not only lower pitch by pushing down, but likewise raise key by pulling back.

That method that the design and mechanics that floating tremolo mechanism is different than a non-floating tremolo.

You can inspect out the Wikipedia page to check out what exactly is different:

<…> the entire mechanism of the floating tremolo is an installed on a roughly triangular chromed plate in the former of the guitar body, on the opposite next of the leg to the pickups. The string stress and anxiety is balanced against a single short helical spring, in compression rather than tension, an installed on the earlier of the “tremolo mounting plate”. The feather is flexible by turning a screw located towards the facility of this plate.

The ferrule ends of the strings are organized on the height of the guitar in a tailpiece plate called the knife plate, which emerges from the mechanism, rather than the strings vanishing right into the mechanism just like the synchronized tremolo. It is the knife plate that is relocated when the tremolo eight is operated. Unlike the synchronized tremolo, the leg is no moved straight by the mechanism, however only by the activity of the strings, and also is enabled to tilt to accommodate this movement. This is dubbed a floating bridge.

What Is Synchronized Tremolo?

Synchronized tremolo stands for a vibrato device that moves both bridge and also tailpiece the a guitar. That’s why it’s dubbed synchronized. Due to the fact that of that, not only it influence the tension of strings, it also changes their length.

Can You placed A Whammy Bar On any kind of Guitar?

You can’t placed a whammy bar on one acoustic or a classic guitar. Most of electrical guitars have their whammy bar installed, however some don’t have like Gibson Les Paul or a Telecaster.

Technically, you have the right to put a whammy bar on any type of electric guitar, however it is a facility process, as result of preset mechanic system each etc have.

You can’t setup any kind of vibrato device on every guitar. The is finest not to play through those installation. It’s much less complicated to to buy a new guitar through its preset vibrato system. Otherwise, you’ll need to perform some sort of a “surgery” on your guitar.

If you really desire to download a vibrato device on a guitar that don’t have actually it installed, the only means to carry out it is to take your etc to a experienced examination, where the installation will certainly be setup properly.

What’s The Difference in between A Whammy -Bar and also A Tremolo Bar?

There’s no difference whatsoever. However, as it’s already been said above, whammy bar is much more correct term come use. Tremolo means volume, and also saying “tremolo bar” technically is incorrect come say.

However, the term stayed in use until today, as result of some historic reasons.

Can You put Whammy Bar ~ above A base Guitar?

You can, however it’s not that useful to perform so. Over there is a reason bass guitars nothing come with a whammy bar. Bass guitar strings are much heavier than consistent guitar strings. Castle exert much more pressure ~ above a guitar.

That way that a whammy bar i will not ~ be that reliable on those strings. There space some especially designed bass strings on a market, though.

It’s as much as you. Who says you can not experiment? Still, it is in cautious. If you plan to placed a whammy bar on your base guitar, take it come the experienced to collection it increase properly and correctly.

Who developed Whammy Bar?

First widely provided whammy bars are invented by etc luthier Paul Bigsby earlier in 1951.

First whammy bars couldn’t execute a dive bombs or anything comparable today’s whammy bars do. You can only down pitch a keep in mind with this one. Also, the couldn’t bend the cable down more than a semi-tone.

Why Is It called A Whammy Bar?

There’s no straight answer to this question. My guess is that a whammy bar is called a whammy because that rapid change in key it does somehow renders that sound impact that sounds as with you say words whammy.

Whammy indeed sounds funky-ish, like something that floats and also it’s never in place. That renders sense, because a cable that changes tension doesn’t have a frequency the stands still. Rather it floats up and also down.


As you have the right to see, whammy bars are perfectly fine. There is no any kind of harm whatsoever a whammy bar deserve to do to her guitar. That course, friend can an alert some tuning stability issues when you usage it, yet it’s most likely not due to the fact that of a whammy bar itself.

If you favor whammy bar, check out the article indigenous this page about popular whammy bar songs and also artists that use it a lot in your playing.

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