All turtles, consisting of red eared sliders, spend a many time submerged underwater. Even though red eared sliders love swimming and also submerging themselves, they can drown. In fact, every turtles have the right to drown because they carry out not have actually the capacity to breath underwater.

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If your red slider continues to be under water for as well long, it will drown. The very same goes for any other turtle, though. Turtles require both oxygen native the air and water to live a happy and also healthy life. Luckily, red eyed sliders are several of the best turtle swimmers, making it unlikely for them to drown if castle are detailed the ideal enclosure.

With this info in mind, girlfriend probably have actually some an ext unanswered questions around your red eared slider turtle. In this article, we’re walk to try to call you everything you need to understand to avoid your red eared slider from drowning.


How Long have the right to Red Eared Sliders continue to be Underwater?

Red eared slider turtles love water and also need access to it in bespeak to be happy and also healthy. In appropriate conditions, this turtles spend around 30 minutes under water anytime they are swimming. If the tortoise is motionless, it can stay 40 come 45 minutes underwater sleeping. At most, red eared sliders have the right to spend an hour underwater before coming up for air.

This info is all based on the average adult red eared slider. Baby turtles cannot invest this lot time underwater. Instead, newborns can not spend more than 15 minutes underwater prior to drowning. Similarly, old turtles might need to come up for air much more frequently.

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How perform Red Eared Sliders Breathe?

Even despite red eared sliders require a lot of water to stay happy and healthy, they need accessibility to the air. Like mammals, these turtles breath in with their nose, allowing air to get in into your lungs. They likewise exhale through their nose.

One point that makes turtle breathing different from human breathing is the torso. Whenever girlfriend breathe, you can feel your torso expanding and also contracting. Turtles, however, consisting of red eared sliders, cannot relocate their torso. Instead, their torso is fully surrounded by ribs, which are fused with the turtle’s shell.

Since the turtle’s torso is not flexible, your lungs and muscles are an extremely different indigenous ours. The different structure permits red eared sliders to hold their breath for much much longer than various other mammals. Not to mention, breathing is much easier for red eared sliders because of their various structure.

Breathing Underwater

Whenever a tortoise breathes out of that is nose, it will conveniently drown if it tries to execute so underwater. However, red eared sliders do have actually the ability to breathe underwater come a degree. These turtles have actually what is referred to as a cloaca. This opening accessibility multiple parts for the turtle, including a reproductive area, component of the cradle track, and also urinary tract.

What is supervisor interesting around the cloaca is the it help turtles to breathe underwater as well. Lot like a pump, the cloaca can suck water at any time the turtle is submerged. Then, the oxygen can be extract from the water and the water extract from the turtle’s body. This process is repetitive to allow turtles to remain underwater because that a longer amount of time.

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Why perform Red Eared Turtles choose to be Underwater?

If turtles have to come up because that air, you may be wondering why they walk underwater at all. Well, there are rather a few reasons why red eared sliders gain staying underwater for lengthy periods at a time.

Most notably, red eared slider tortoise have far better survival rates underwater. As you probably know, turtle move really slowly top top land, but they are quicker in the water. By remaining under the water, castle can conveniently escape predators since of their boosted speed.

Additionally, rivers and lakebeds are flooded with natural food resources for the turtle. This has vegetation and also insects. By remaining underwater, the red eared sliders have an ext access to the food and also nourishment they need to survive.

On height of survival requirements, red eared sliders prefer to be underwater simply for enjoyment. This turtle type is a great swimmer and enjoys gift underwater an ext than that likes being on land.


Signs a tortoise Is Drowning

If you suspect your turtle is drowning, it is essential to take it it out of the water and place the on land as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it can be an overwhelming to identify if your turtle is drowning since they invest so much time underwater by choice.

The biggest indicator the a turtle is drowning is that it has actually not moved in some time. If the turtle has been underwater for more than one hour, it has likely drowned. You deserve to confirm this by looking at the position you uncovered the turtle in. If it floated come the optimal or is upside down, the tortoise is most likely dead indigenous drowning.

To assist ease her mind, you don’t have actually to worry too much around a tortoise drowning. If you administer your turtle areas to bask on the land, the possibilities of that drowning are very low. On the various other hand, if you execute not provide ample basking area or add nets to the enclosure, the turtle may drown.

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How To set Up a Red Eared Slider Turtle’s Enclosure

To protect against your red eared slider native drowning, you require to collection its enclosure up properly. Producing a safe atmosphere for the turtle makes drowning very unlikely, though not impossible. Here is exactly how to collection up a red ear slider turtle’s enclosure.