If you have a new turtle owner, it can be complicated to find what your pet likes. A turtle have the right to be an omnivore, herbivore, or carnivore, relying on its species. If her turtle is an omnivore or strictly an herbivore, you might wonder if the likes tomatoes…Can turtles eat tomatoes? Is it for sure for them?

Yes, turtles can eat tomatoes. In fact, lock love this red juicy fruit. Soil turtles are largely herbivores, and they require vegetables and fruits in their diet. However, you have to feed her turtle tomatoes in moderation. Why? due to the fact that ripe tomatoes have actually high street content. And sugar unhealthy for her pet, simply as it is not so healthy to us.

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Moreover, her pet needs a calcium-rich diet. And also tomatoes contain vitamins c, folate, vitamin K, and potassium. So, serve them to your pet as treats instead. However, carnivorous turtles can not eat fruit or vegetables.

But if turtles have the right to eat tomatoes, how regularly can castle eat them? Luckily, this defines everything about turtles, tomatoes, and also other vegetables they can eat. You’d also find out whether tortoise deserve to eat tomatoes. So, stop dive in.

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How frequently Can tortoise Eat Tomatoes?What Vegetables deserve to A turtle Eat? 

How often Can turtles Eat Tomatoes?

Because turtles have the right to eat this red juicy fruit doesn’t average you have to overfeed them v it.  According come the VCA hospital, fruits choose tomatoes space not together nutritious together vegetables. Hence, the is command to know how many times in a week girlfriend can offer them the fruit. So, how regularly can turtles eat tomatoes? 

Turtles deserve to eat tomatoes twice a week. This fruits have a sweet taste. Think around it. Youngsters prefer to have treats prefer candy come food. In the tortoise world, tomato is a treat. So, it’s far better to minimize the quantity given to her pet for this reason they don’t construct a choice for this fruit over an ext nutritious vegetables. 

So, you have the right to chop the tomato and mix the with various other vegetables to carry out a variety for your pet. Moreover, chopping the fruits make it simpler for your pet to swallow. Besides, these pets need calcium in their diet. So, friend may add some calcium powder to the fruit before serving your pet.

Turtles deserve to eat tomatoes twice a week. In the turtle world, tomato is a treat. So, it’s much better to minimize the quantity given to your pet therefore they don’t develop a choice for this fruit over an ext nutritious vegetables. 

Can turtle Eat Grape Tomatoes?


Yes, turtles have the right to eat grape tomatoes. The grape tomato is a species that originates from southeast Asia. Unlike the ring cherry tomato, it is oblong-shaped choose a grape. Besides, the is not as sweet as a cherry tomato. It also has more thickness flesh than a cherry tomato. But is a grape tomato a tomato? Yes, it is. Only the shape, size, and also sweetness apparently distinguishes that from a cherry tomato. So, her turtle have the right to eat lock too. And use it together a treat, 2 or 3 tiny grape tomatoes, twice a mainly is more than enough.

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How to Feed her Turtle Tomatoes?

Turtles can’t eat vegetables or fruits or food in big/wide chunks. It must be served as bite-size pieces. And also this goes also for tomatoes. Therefore, ns recommend you part the tomatoes right into 6 smaller sized parts. That Ok if your pet pipeline the tomato peels, usually, it will not eat them.

Can Tortoises Eat Tomatoes?

While world often confuse this two pets to it is in the same, they are not. Tortoises are land animals and also are generally herbivores. So, they feed on plants, vegetables, and also fruits. So, deserve to tortoise eat tomatoes?

Yes, tortoises deserve to eat tomatoes. Tortoises find then juicy and also delicious. Tomato, in particular, is a great source of fiber. Leopard tortoises need this fiber in their diet. However, constantly give her tortoise ripe tomatoes only. Never market an unripe tomato or tomatoe pipeline to your pet. As described in the tortoise table database, unripe tomatoes are toxic come a tortoise. 

Moreover, ripe tomato is sweeter than an unripe one. Your pet would reap the ripe ones. However, remember come feed her tortoise this fruit and any other one in moderation. Ripe tomatoes have high sugar content which is not appropriate for tortoises.

Here is a an introduction of the tomato nutritions

Excellent source of potassium, sodium, and also other vitamins and also Vitamin-A & Vitamin-C
Vitamin-A & Vitamin-C, both are very important for our pet. Vitamin-A is antioxidant and also Vitamin-C will make the immune system stronger.
Tomatoes space enrich with fiber. Notice that for ripe tomato the level is lower and also such is les recommended. Fiber will aid our tortoise metabolism mechanism healthier.
Tomatoes contaions additionally Vitamin-B6, floate, and also niacin i m sorry will help the cardiovascular systems.
Tomatoes are 95% water! This will be part of the everyday requirement of water for her per.

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What Vegetables can A tortoise Eat? 

Land turtles need vegetables in their diet. Vegetables and also fruits are all they eat. Turtle’s diet need to contain 20 percent fruit and also 80 percent vegetables. So, what vegetables have the right to you offer your tortoise to eat. Right here are part vegetable turtles eat:


Kale is nutritious for turtles. They contain vitamins, minerals, and also calcium. Remember: calcium is an important dietary necessity for these animals. However, kale also contains oxalic acid. Spend them in overfill can type kidney or bladder stones in a turtle. So, it is an important not to give too much kale to her turtle.

Dandelion greens

These plants are highly nutritious for turtles. They contain vitamin A, B& E, potassium, minerals, folates, and most importantly, calcium. They are also good for diabetic turtles. Moreover, they room low in oxalates and are for sure for your pet.

Alfafa hay

Alfalfa hay is a legume frequently fed to turtles. Lock are great for these pets because castle are quickly digestible. Lock contain protein, vitamins, minerals, and carry out energy. But you should feed this hay in moderation to your turtle. Why? They are rich in protein, and also too lot of this nutrient have the right to deform your pet’s shell.

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Duckweeks are fantastic sources of protein, and vitamin A. Turtles need vitamin A. If her pet’s diet is low in vitamin A, it can have vitamin A deficiency, also known as hypovitaminosis A. Vitamin A deficiency thickens the duct lining. That obstructs fluids indigenous passing with the duct of this animals. 

Other Vegetables

Other vegetable turtles can eat are; collard greens, mustard greens, spinach, parsley, and also lettuce. However, these vegetables contain oxalic acid. Remember: oxalic mountain binds with the calcium in your body and also forms into bladder stones or kidney stones. So, you much feed lock in moderation to your pet. 

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Final Thoughts

Now the you recognize turtles and tortoises can eat tomatoes and how often to provide them this fruit, feel totally free to include them to your pet’s diet. Either serve them the fruit raw or cooked. However, it is better to serve it raw to preserve all that is nutrients. Constantly supplement vegetables there is no calcium through calcium supplements. Turtles require calcium to save their bones and also shells strong. Remember come feed your turtle 

If her turtle’s diet lacks minerals or vitamins, girlfriend can add mineral and vitamin supplements come its food. Moreover, nothing feed your turtle unripe tomatoes. They room acidic and toxic to her pet. Also, remember: constantly add selection to her pet’s diet. To sum up, permit your turtle to eat tomatoes as a treat.