If you’ve got a hammy you’re most likely wondering if he’ll chew v cardboard. Would certainly a hamster eat cardboard ? ns looked at my Teddy because I first got him, and knew he’d have actually a special connection with cardboard tubes.

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So let’s see if hamsters eat cardboard, and also if cardboard is even safe because that them in the very first place.


So do hamsters eat cardboard ?

No, hamsters perform not eat cardboard. Unlike through soft materials like paper towels or toilet squares, i m sorry can acquire into the hamster’s moth and also swallowed up. Cardboard is not something hamsters eat, not even by mistake prefer with paper.

They do yet love come chew v it and they will certainly not protect against until the whole roll is done.

You could think the hamster finds the cardboard tasty, offered how lot he’s munching ~ above it. Yet no, he’s simply clipping at it prefer a little maniac. Mine Teddy for example goes through an entire record towel cardboard roll, i m sorry is nearly 3 toilet file rolls, in one night !

Now let’s check out which kinds of cardboard space okay for hamsters, and also what you have to look out for.

Make sure it’s simply plain cardboard

By level I mean the simple, brown/grey type of cardboard. It’s usually the cheapest option because it needs no further treatment prefer bleaching and also recoloring or laminating.

Incidentally, this keeps it safe for hamsters and also rodents.

A few examples of safe, an easy cardboard are:

toilet document rollspaper bath towel rollsany other roll that’s do of plain cardboard, choose some aluminium silver paper rolls or saran pave rollsactual, cardboard boxes that part packages come in

It could be the wrinkly, ruffled cardboard that’s made come withstand many force, or it might be a thin sort of cardboard. If it’s acquired some paper still on, the hamster will love ripping it apart and also stuffing the in his cheeks as well.

However there room some type of cardboard you must keep her hamster far from. These are pieces of cardboard that space not just painted, they’re additionally laminated or at least lined v plastic (like milk cartons for example), or have actually aluminium sides.

So items like liquid cartons, packaging boxes the are really colorful or have a plastic-like outside and also they’re practically waterproof, cardboard boxes from very strong smelling commodities (like odor or perfume), and also so on.

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Only use cardboard for toys and nesting material

I wouldn’t recommend using cardboard because that anything other than simply toys or nesting product for your hamster. This is because he will certainly tear with it v ease, and you’ll have to keep instead of them.

Replacing a chew toy made of a cardboard roll with one more cardboard roll is no problem. However replacing a hamster food bowl or hideout every day, even if it’s just cardboard, is simply not worth the effort.

A hamster hideout need to be made of wood, so he had actually something come chew on every the time, yet still a place to sleep.

Your hamster will also use the cardboard together extra lining because that his nest if he feels also cold. I’ve discovered bits the chewed increase cardboard in my Teddy’s nest an ext than once.

For the most part he just chews and chews and chews far at those cardboard rolls, yet sometimes he finds a bit more use for them. Friend can inspect out this write-up to see just how you can use cardboard to do DYI toys for your hamster too.

Hamsters have to chew, otherwise your teeth flourish much also large. They can develop serious dental troubles if your teeth are left unchecked. Many of those problems can be resolved at a veterinarian, but avoiding them works much better.

In some cases when the hamster keeps chewing on the cage bars, and you’ve uncovered no various other solution you deserve to use the cardboard rolls favor I offered them below with my Teddy. He goes because that the bars yet end up chewing the cardboard instead, and also it’s a welcome adjust from the usual bar chewing.


Other chewing alternatives for her hamster friend

Some human being swear by mineral chews. If they keep the hamster busy, they’re not exactly needed. The thing is the mineral chews room meant to offer the hamster mineral if the lacks them, however most hamsters do no need the extra minerals.

The commercial mix they gain supplements castle with sufficient minerals and also salts.

There is additionally the problem with dust, and how that affects the hamster’s lungs. My Teddy looked prefer a building worker at any time he required to that mineral chew. If you desire to uncover out an ext about mineral chews, girlfriend should examine out this article.

Another way for your hamster to gain his chewing solve is wood. Wood-based toys and objects in his cage will certainly make sure he chews on something safe whenever he feels the urge to chomp under on something.

For instance my Teddy’s hideout’s make of wood, and also he has actually a couple of wood objects come nibble on together well. He’s additionally got this walnut, the I’ve cleaned and also left in his cage. He goes crazy over it, and keeps do the efforts to open up it.

A word indigenous Teddy

I hope you discovered what friend were trying to find in this article. I know us hammies chew top top everything, yet cardboard is okay for us. Well, many cardboard objects ns mean.

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If you desire to know much more about us hamsters, friend can examine out the related article below. You’ll find much more info on how to treatment for us and also keep us happy.