I’ve asserted a non-flying attacker, and my opponent declared a flying blocker. As soon as combat damages is dealt, i deal damage as normal, yet can the damages dealt by the flying biology be took in by mine non-flying creature, or perform I have to absorb it through my life?



It"s your turn and also you are attacking your opponent; that method you won"t shed life from combat damage. The flying creature will deal combat damage to her non-flying creature. The fact that it has flying has nothing to carry out with it; that just determines even if it is it have the right to block or be blocked.

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Everything you need to know around this is spanned in the basic rules; look because that the ar "ATTACKING and also BLOCKING".

an attacking creature that is clogged deals damage to the creature or creatures that are blocking it, and vice versa.
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answered Feb 27 "19 at 5:53

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I think you may be a little bit confused between magic and also Yu-Gi-Oh rules.

Using your example, you declared attackers and your opponent asserted blockers.

Your biology does not have actually flying for this reason it can be blocked by any kind of creature (unless proclaimed on the biology itself, one of two people attacking or prevent for instance Skywinder Drake).

In this case, the ability the blocking creature has is irrelevant.

Abilities that will certainly usually issue when defending (keyworded abilities) are for example: very first strike, dual strike, critical strike, deathtouch, lifelink, infect, whither and indestructible.

In the situation of the attacking creature the over abilities are likewise relevant, but one of the most relevant concerning damage will be trample as mentioned on other answers.

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If her attacking creature"s strength is greater than the prevent creature"s toughness then her attacking creature would certainly deal enough damages to the blocking creature for that to it is in lethal, and you could then assign the rest of the damage to the defending player. Attacking player "always" chooses how the damage is assigned come defending creatures/players follow to the rules. The only circumstances where a defending player it s okay to entrust damage and also "blocking order" is if he controls a biology that enables him come block an ext than one biology at a time. The defending player can never "trample" damages to its enemy as such capability does no exist and also they space not the attacking player, because of this all damage must be assigned come the blocked creatures.