If friend are searching for a durable and also long-lasting paint option for wood, then epoxy paint is a an excellent idea. Using epoxy paint for lumber provides countless benefits; the can assist to protect the wood from damage, expand the lifespan of the wood, and it simply looks great. Epoxy paint works through a wide variety of surfaces and can provide a resistant enough finish because that flooring areas. We will take a deeper look at epoxy paint for timber floors below, and how this paint can be used.

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Finding the ideal Epoxy repaint for Wood

When it pertains to finding the best epoxy repaint for hardwood floors, there are lots of different choices available. V such a selection out there, it have the right to be tricky to know precisely which one to choose. Epoxy paint for wood requirements to be supplied alongside a primer to make sure that girlfriend get good results. We will discover some of the best options below in stimulate to assist you find the right wood floor epoxy paint and primer for your project.


Epoxy primer for wood Floors

While epoxy repaint is really durable, it will certainly not correctly adhere come a wood surface if used directly. In order because that it to stick properly, girlfriend will need to use a layer of acrylic latex inside wall first. There are various color shades that primers available, so that is essential to choose one that matches the the shade of the underlying wood.

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Best lumber Floor Epoxy Primer: RUST-OLEUM Bondz preferably Primer

This water-based inside wall by Rust-Oleum doubles together a sealer too. It functions perfectly on various wooden surfaces and also can be used over most types of topcoats. The weatherproof formula is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This primer has actually amazing wet adhesive properties, which makes it a good product to pick for items in humid conditions. When using this to wood, you gain maximum adhesion between the paint and also the timber surface. This inside wall is basic to apply and also quick come dry.