If you already have a moustache dragon, it’s necessary to recognize its space and are limitations.

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This is crucial to having actually healthy moustache dragons.

What have the right to live v a moustache dragon?

Bearded dragons can live with various other reptiles of similar size and also from dry, hot settings if over there is sufficient space. However, masculine bearded dragons should NEVER be placed with another male, and also it’s still encourage bearded dragon be kept alone.

Read ~ above for much more details on exactly what living cases are possible with bearded dragons.


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Bearded Dragons and Sharing SpaceBearded Dragons and also Other Reptiles

Bearded Dragons and also Sharing Space

Bearded dragons normally wander.

They sheathe a the majority of space, and in captivity, they need a lot of space as well.

They’re also really territorial creatures – males that come throughout one another difficulty each various other for supremacy and access to mates.

When this happens, lock inflate their beards and also gape their mouths.

They may also begin hissing at every other.

This is usually complied with by biting and attacking.

They don’t often seek to death the complicated male, yet they carry out this to assert your dominance.

Females carry out this v each other for control over insects and live food as well.

From this information, we can provide recommendations as soon as it concerns bearded dragons sharing space.


The minimum space for a solitary adult beardy is 50 gallons, but 75 gallons is recommended.

You can inspect out our evaluation of 75-gallon bearded dragon tanks here.

Adding another reptile method you require to increase the an are as well.

It also method additional setup for the following:

Heat LampUVB BulbBasking SpotReptile Carpetand more

Putting them in also close of soldier may result in the submissive moustache dragon gift abused through the dominant and not getting enough food.

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To even begin to take into consideration getting another reptile to live through your mustache dragon, you require to have a big enclosure.