Ok for this reason I have actually been noticing that my hens eggs are fertilized. I do have a soft Roo yet he isn"t old enough to mate. Ns separated that from the rest of mine flock 2 weeks back and their eggs are still being fertilized. I was just out in ~ my run and saw my turkey mating among my hen (I didn"t even know this to be possible) with that being said, has anyone ever before hatched one egg crossed in between the two?.

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What criteria room you making use of to identify fertility?I"d likewise be fairly concerned around a tom mating hens. It"s led to injured hens.

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Well, supposedly it IS possible...http://www.messybeast.com/genetics/hybrid-birds.htm"TURKEY-CHICKEN HYBRIDS There have been check crosses between domestic turkeys (Meleagris gallapavo) and chickens (Warren and Scott, 1935). According to Gray (1958) in 12 studies no hybrids hatched. Various other reports uncovered only a few fertile eggs were produced and also very few resulted in advance embryos (Ogorodii, 1935; Quinn et al. 1937; Asmundson & Lorenz, 1957). Follow to Olsen (1960), 23 hybrids were acquired from 302 embryos which result from 2132 eggs. Dark Cornish cockerels and Rhode Island Red cockerels properly fertilised turkey eggs. Harada & Buss (1981) report hybridisation experiments in between Beltsville small White Turkeys and two strains the chickens. As soon as male chickens inseminated mrs turkeys, both male and also female embryos form, yet the males room much much less viable and usually dice in the early on stages of development. When male turkeys inseminated woman chickens, no hybrids result although the unfertilised chicken eggs began to divide. Follow to Olson (1960) turkey-chicken crosses created all males.MW Olsen, us Dept of Agriculture, properly bred turkey x chicken hybrids indigenous Beltsville tiny White turkey hens artificially inseminated through semen from Dark Cornish masculine chickens. Morphological proof of the hybrid condition of the birds (Olsen, M. W., J. Heredity, 51, 69 (1960)) consisted of the reality that the adult hybrids" dark plumage resembled that of the chicken, being leading over the recessive white colour of the turkeys. Serological studies on your red cells also noted evidence that the birds gift hybrids.It shows up that turkey sperm cannot fertilise chicken eggs, but can create cell department in unfertilised eggs. Reports of natural hybrids between female chicken (including bantams) and also male domestic or wild turkeys space anecdotal and also not sustained by DNA studies. Where inexplicable chicks have occurred, it is most most likely to be due to recessive genes in the parental (or perhaps to hybridising v guinea fowl or wild pheasants)."