If your dog’s pond looks choose this, you’ve trimmed the toenail as well far and knicked the really edge or start of the quick. The dog’s nail is oozing a tint of blood. Stay calm.

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This picture shows how to load Kwik-Stop Styptic Powder right into the finish of the dog’s toenail.
By applying pressure, the blood droplets moisten the styptic powder and create a “seal” ~ above the end of the dog’s toenail. Be cautious not to squeeze the dog’s toe.
In this case, the dog’s toenail was simply slightly oozing and also the styptic powder conveniently sealed the wound. If her dog’s pond is bleeding heavily, continue applying direct pressure and also repacking v the clotting substrate till the bleeding stops. (Follow the three-step accuse above.)

Important disclaimer: If her dog’s nail does not prevent bleeding in 10 minute OR if her dog has fully or partially torn off a toenail (resulting native an injury), please look for veterinary care.

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Setting you yourself up because that dog nail trimming success

I can practically guarantee that you are much more upset about this pond trimming mishap 보다 your canine companion. The unfortunate thing is no so much the present instance for your dog, but rather, future nail trimming sessions. Ours four-legged friends have very long memories as soon as it involves pain, for this reason hitting her dog’s rapid will likely negatively influence your next nail trimming experience. However, you have the right to work v it and ease your dog’s fears with patience, positive reinforcement, by acquisition it slow, and also having the tools and also techniques the make pond trimming easy.

Stopping her dog’s nail from bleeding is half the battle. Let’s make sure you have the appropriate tool for the job!

utilizing the ideal tool because that the project can substantially increase your nail trimming success. End the course of mine 22-year vet career, ns have found the gold standard of dog nail clippers. In fact, not only do ns recommend them to my veterinary clients, I lug them in mine purse because that dog nail trimming emergencies.

If you’re using dog nail trimmers that crush the nail, have a security guard (a “guide” that gives you a false feeling of security), or don’t provide you enough control as her trimming, ns understand exactly how frustrating it can be. Please don’t give up! i invite you come learn an ext about mine dog pond trimming kit, which has nail trimmers that reduced like a knife with butter, styptic powder, and also my 7-step reference guide on nail trimming with confidence. I’m i was sure that with the right tool and a small know-how, you can do this!