It’s difficult to to win the refreshing feeling of jumping into a pool in the center of summer. But, the prices with building a pool can include up an extremely quickly. Building a pool of your very own is one means of pass that emotion home and also getting to reap a dip whenever girlfriend want, while conserving some money in the process.

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If you decision to do part of the job-related in building a pool yourself, there are several materials you can not substitute. Before taking the “plunge”, it’s crucial to save in psychic that sand is necessary when structure an over ground pool. Thankfully, you can aspect in how much sand you’ll need and also how much it will ultimately price you, by making use of a sand calculator.

Why do I require Sand for My Pool?

When friend think that sand, possibilities are you’ll most likely think of the beach quite than a pool. Using sand to build a pool may seem unusual, yet it’s crucial!

This is because sand is used to for sure a stable, even foundation for an over ground swimming pool to remainder on. And, sand adds a safety layer in between the liner the the pool and also the ground. If you were to use a various material other than sand — because that instance, dust — it might have little pieces of rock in it the can finish up tearing the swimming pool liner.

You likewise need sand to develop an above ground swimming pool is because the sand provided to in reality clean it. This kind of sand is dubbed filter sand or silica sand, and it records debris so that it doesn’t end up in the swimming pool water.

What form of Sand have to I Use?

For her pool’s base, you want sand it is very fine and totally free of any type of rocks or pebbles. This type of sand is described as mason sand, stonework sand, or periodically mortar sand. When mason sand is the most renowned choice, another option is concrete sand.

With filter sand, you should examine the hands-on to watch what’s recommended for that certain pool sand filter. The grains of this sort of sand space generally in between 0.45 and also 0.55 millimeters.


How much Sand perform I require for my Pool?

The general dominance is that there should be a two come three-inch base of sand under an over ground pool. If you understand the dimensions of your pool area, then you can easily figure out exactly how much sand you’ll need for the base using a sand calculator.

On GIGA Calculator’s sand calculator, note whether your pool area is rectangle-shaped or circular and write in the dimensions. Then, it’ll compute the volume and also weight the the sand you need. Girlfriend can also figure out how much the sand will price you using the calculator if you know its price per ton—just include that appropriate in, too.

With this numbers in mind, you will do it be maybe to far better plan and also budget for your pool project.

Tips on Laying Sand When structure an above Ground Pool

Once you know what sort of sand you desire to use and how much of it friend need, girlfriend can begin laying it under for your swimming pool base. Below are a few tips to save in mind:

You can dampen the sand to make it a small easier to lay.Keep the sand inside the pool track, quite than under it.Use the ago of a rake or a push broom come spread and also smooth the sand.Compact the sand through a floor tamper or one more tool for compacting soil.

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Whether you embarking ~ above a DIY pool project, or you’re merely preparing to gain an above ground swimming pool installed, nothing forget that sand is a necessary component. Before starting the swimming pool building, make certain to look into how much sand you’ll need for the task with the aid of a sand calculator.