poloblade ✉️ (146,919) 99.8%, Location: Freeport, new York, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 231602233992 CAL RIPKEN JR 23K GOLD real Official video game USED BAT card - GRADED GEM MINT 10. CAL RIPKEN JR every Time Consecutive games 23 KARAT gold GAME-USED BAT CARD real 23 Karat Gold map GRADED GEM-MINT 10 This card is important AMAZING! This is an Officially license is granted 2000 CAL RIPKEN JR original Genuine 23 Karat gold Sculptured GAME-USED BAT CARD. Each map is minted on a paper of real 23 Karat gold foil and also contains over 17 square customs of pure gold. Each map is created with premium top quality materials and is hand sculptured to screen the best razor sharp detailing. Ripken"s video game used bat was specifically cut and directly fitted onto the former the card. This card is truly magnificent. Game used memorabilia trading cards space by far the hottest and most sought-after sports collectible in the world. PLAYER: Cal Ripken Jr. YEAR: 2000 COMPANY: 23 Karat gold GRADE: Gem-Mint 10 restricted EDITION: correctly NUMBERED: correct * purchase it now $9.95 * initial Price for 1 Gold card $59.95 cost of Grading 1 because that Gold card $8.00 My total Cost because that 1 Graded Gold map $67.95 Your cost for the Gold map $9.95 here is your chance to pick up a superstar yellow card, graded in GEM-MINT 10 Condition, for $9.95 each. This kind of auction has actually never been checked out anywhere and the price is downright crazy. Please check out my various other auctions for Graded Gem-Mint yellow Cards. You have the right to buy as numerous items as you want from any type of of my auctions and only salary the low level one-time shipping fee. Ns am listing major SUPERSTARS only!! If you space a dealer, collector, or wholesaler, climate this is the auction because that you. This price is far below wholesale pricing. The grading alone expense me $8.00 every card. About WCG Grading: people Class Grading is too respected together the huge Two Grading services (PSA & BGS). Their specialization in grading commerce cards is clear to be seen, together they have very qualified and knowledgeable experts grading the cards, v a long history of truth in our Hobby. I myself have actually 20+ years endure in the hobby, and also after speaking with the graders and also management at WCG, i feel confident that they will certainly be a optimal grading card company for year to come. Their accuracy and also consistency have actually so far been outstanding. WCG to produce a product that the greatest quality on the market, through the finest stackable state-of the-art sturdy holders, which space ultrasonically sealed to be airtight.Return shipping will be paid by: Seller, All returns accepted: return Accepted, Item should be changed within: 30 Days, Refund will certainly be given as: Money Back, Player: Jr., Card Attributes: item of Authentic, Year: 2002, Professional Grader: WCG, Sport: Baseball, Team: Baltimore Orioles, League: significant Leagues, Era: modern-day (1981-Now), Original/Reprint: Original, Graded: Yes watch More

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