Egypt"s latitude and longitude is 30° 06" N and also 31° 25" E . Listed below is the map the Egypt showing significant towns, roads, airports v latitudes and longitudes plotted on it.

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Egypt, likewise known as the gift of the Nile, has the latitude and also longitude features of 30º06 N and also 31º25 E. The latitudes and longitudes of several of other necessary cities are now discussed:The latitude and also longitude features of Ecuador location the country at the excessive northwest of south America. The nation of Ecuador is spread out over a total land area that 276,840 sq km and also over a water area that 6,720 sq km. The Pacific ocean lies next to this Latin American nation of Ecuador. The latitude and longitude that Ecuador "s capital, Quito , is 0°15S and also 78°35W. The other really important city of Ecuador which is likewise its commercial capital, Guayaquil has a latitude and longitude of 02°15S and 79°52W.Like most other nations of Latin America, Ecuador as well experiences a tropic climate due to the fact that it is a coastal area. Rainfall is heavy in some components of the hills while on the higher altitudes the temperatures are quite low.

Latitude and Longitude of Egypt

Abu el Gairi, W.
29º35 N33º30 E
Abu Ga"da, W.29º15 N32º53 E
Abu Simbel21º18 N34º40 E
Adabiya29º53 N32º28 E
Ain Sudar29º50 N33º06 E
Alexandria/El Lskandariya31º13 N29º58 E
Arabian Desert/Es Sahra" Esh Sharqiya,27º30 N32º30 E
Aswan24º04 N32º57 E
Aswan High Dam/Sadd el Aali23º54 N32º54 E
Asyut27º11 N31º04 E
Banas, Ras23º57 N35º59 E
Bardawil, Sabkhet el31º10 N33º15 E
Beni Suef29º05 N31º06 E
Besor, N.31º28 N34º22 E
Bir Abu Muhammad29º44 E34º14 E
Bir Beida30º25 N34º29 E
Bir el"Abd.31º02 N33º00 E
Bir el Biarat29º30 N34º43 E
Bir el Duweidar30º56 N32º32 E
Bir el Gararat31º03 N33º34 E
Bir el Heisi29º22 N34º36 E
Bir el Jafir30º50 N32º41 E
Bir el Malhi30º38 N33º19 E
Bir el Thamada30º12 N33º27 E
Bir Gebeil Hisn30º02 N33º18 E
Bir Hasana30º29 N33º46 E
Bir Kaseiba31º00 N33º17 E
Bir Lahfan31º00 N33º51 E
Bir Madkur30º44 N32º33 E
Bir Qatia30º58 N32º45 E
Bir Shalatein23º05 N35º25 E
Bur Safaga26º43 N33º57 E
Bur Sa"id31º16 N32º18 E
Burun, Ras31º14 N33º07 E
Cairo/El Qahira30º01 N31º14 E
Dakhla, El Wahat el-25º30 N28º50 E
Damanhur31º00 N30º30 E
Damietta/Dumyat31º24 N31º48 E
Dumyat31º24 N31º48 E
El "Agrud,30º14 N34º24 E
El Alamein30º48 N28º58 E
El "Aqaba, W.30º07 N33º54 E
El "Arish,31º08 N33º50 E
El "Arish, W.31º08 N33º47 E
El Bruk, W.30º15 N33º50 E
El Daheir31º13 N34º10 E
El Faiyum29º19 N30º50 E
El Giza30º00 N31º10 E
El Iskandariya31º13 N29º58 E
El Kabrit, G.29º42 N33º16 E
El Kharga25º30 N30º33 E
El Kuntilla30º01 N34º45 E
El Mahalla El Kubra31º00 N31º00 E
El Mansura31º00 N31º19 E
El Minya28º07 N30º33 E
El Qahira30º01 N31º14 E
El Qantara30º51 N32º20 E
El Quseima30º40 N34º15 E
El Saheira, W.30º05 N33º25 E
LocationLatitudeLongitudeEl Suweis
29º58 N32º31 E
El Tamarani, W.30º07 N34º43 E
El Thamad29º40 N34º28 E
El Tih, Gebal29º40 N33º50 E
El Tina, Khalig31º10 N32º40 E
El Tur28º14 N33º36 E
El Uqsur25º41 N32º38 E
El Wabeira29º34 N33º06 E
Es Sahra" Esh Sharqiya27º30 N32º30 E
Es Sina"29º00 N34º00 E
Girafi, W.29º58 N34º39 E
Girga26º17 N31º55 E
Giza/El Giza30º00 N31º10 E
Hamata, Gebel24º17 N35º00 E
Helwan29º50 N31º20 E
Hurghada27º15 N33º50 E
Idfu24º55 N32º49 E
Isma"iliya30º37 N32º18 E
Karnak25º43 N32º39 E
Katherina, Gebel28º30 N33º57 E
Ketef, Khalig Umm el23º40 N35º35 E
Khamsa30º27 N32º23 E
Kharga, El Wahat-el25º10 N30º35 E
Kom Ombo24º25 N32º52 E
Luxor=El Uqsur25º41 N32º38 E
Maghagh25º37 N30º50 E
MahashaM W30º15 N34º10 E
Mallawi27º04 N80º12 E
Mamarr Mitia30º02 N32º54 E
Manfalut27º20 N30º52 E
Marsa Matruh31º19 N27º09 E
Mataram Ras30º27M32º44 E
Muhammad Ras27º44 N34º16 E
Musa Gebel28º33 N33º59 E
Mut25º28 N28º58 E
Muweilih30º42 N34º19 E
Nakhi29º55 N33º43 E
Naser, Buheirat en23º0 N32º30 E
Nasser, L./Naser, Buheirat23º0 N32º30 E
Nasser City/Kom Ombo24º25 N32º52 E
Nuweiba28º59 N34º39 E
Portsafaga/Bur Safaga26º43 N33º57 E
Port Said/Bur Said31º16 N32º18 E
Qasr Farafra27º0 N28º01 E
Qattara Munkhafed el29º30 N27º30 E
Qena26º10 N32º43 E
Qiraiya W.

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30º27 N34º0 E
Qul"an Jaza"ir24º22 N35º31 E
Quseir26º07 N34º16 E
Romani30º59 N32º38 E
Sinai Peninsula29º30 N34º0 E
Siwa29º11 N25º31 E
Sohag26º33 N31º43 E
Suweis, Qana es,31º0 N32º20 E
Tahta26º44 N31º32 E
Thebes25º40 N32º35 E
Uyun Musa29º53 N32º40 E
Yarqa W.30º0 N33º49 E
Zagazig30º40 N31º30 E

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