When the ok to jump a low press switch

There’s just one factor to jump a low press switch

Would you knowingly drive your auto with no oil in the the engine? Well, that’s what you’re doing if you ump a low push switch. That’s since the refrigerant tote the lubrication oil transparent the system. The low press switch cut off compressor particularly to stop compressor damage due to oil starvation. Short refrigerant charge = short or no oil circulation.

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In various other words, you have the right to jump a low press switch in a automobile momentarily to do the AC compressor clutch interact for trial and error purposes ONLY. But if you leaving it linked too lengthy to try and recharge the system, you danger serious and even catastrophic compressor damage. Seriosuly. The

can damages your compressor in a way that throws shrapnel throughout her AC system. That have the right to easily price you well over $1,500 to repair. If want to jump a low press switch to add refrigerant come your automobile AC, think again. That’s not the means to carry out it!!! this is why

AC compressors can’t compress liquids

As refrigerant flows through the evaporator in her dash, the heat reasons the refrigerant to cook and change from a fluid to a gas. Depending upon the kind of device in her car, the gas exit the evaporator and goes right into either an accumulator in one orifice tube system or straight into the compressor in an growth valve system.

However, even with an accumulator in the system, a little amount of fluid enters the compressor. It’s designed this means specifically for this reason the fluid refrigerant can bring lubricating oil right into the compressor. The problem that come up as soon as you run a low push switch for much longer than a few seconds is that you’re to run the compressor there is no oil. That will damage it.

Jump the low push switch only to test the circuit

Low AC press will stop the relay from sending out power to the AC compressor clutch. If you run the low press switch through the engine running, do it only for a few seconds. Do NOT jump the low push switch to run the compressor non-stop so you can include refrigerant. I’m no kidding around this. Friend will damages the compressor.

How to include refrigerant when the AC compressor clutch won’t engage?

When you rotate off a car AC system, the push difference between the high and also low political parties equalizes after a while. How have the right to the press equalize if the compressor isn’t running? Simple. The orifice pipe or expansion valve continues to release liquid into the evaporator as the car heats up. That liquid transforms to a gas and flows into the compressor and also out whichever compressor reed valves are open at the point. There’s always an opening in between the high and also low sides as soon as the compressor is off.

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So girlfriend can include refrigerant to a system also when the


Fill v refrigerant until gauge reads above 25-psi

compressor clutch won’t engage. It’ll simply take a lot longer. To speed up the process, warmth the refrigerant can in a bowl of warm water. That will certainly boil the liquid and increase the pressure. Swap out the water for more warm water when it cools. Repeat this procedure until the gauge on your recharging kit shows a pressure over 25-psi. In ~ that suggest the low pressure switch should allow the AC compressor come engage.