Bust Your home windows by Jazmine Sullivan is featured in Acafellas, the 3rd episode that Season One. It is sung through Mercedes (Amber Riley), with the Cheerios singing… check out More 

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I bust the home windows out your carAnd no, the didn't mend my broken heartI'll probably always have this ugly scarsBut ideal now, ns don't care about that partI bust the windows out your car, heyAfter I witnessed you looking ideal at herI didn't wanna however I took my turnI'm glad ns did it 'cause you had to learn...I need to admit it aided a small bitTo think of how you felt as soon as you saw itI didn't understand that I had actually that lot strengthBut I'm glad you view what wake up when...You see, friend can't simply play v people's feelingsTell them girlfriend love them and don't median itYou'll most likely say that it was juvenileBut ns think that i deserve to smileHa ha ha haI bust the windows out your carYou recognize I go it cause I left my markWrote mine initials through the crowbarAnd then i drove off into the darkI bust the home windows out her car, heyYou have to feel lucky the that's all ns didAfter five whole years the this bullshhGave you every one of me and also you played with itOoh ohh...
I should admit it aided a small bitTo think of exactly how you'd feel once you experienced itI didn't think that I had actually that lot strengthBut I'm glad you check out what wake up when...You see, friend can't simply play through people's feelingsTell them you love them and don't typical itYou'll more than likely say that it to be juvenileBut i think that i deserve come smileBust windows out her carBut it don't comfort to my broken heartYou can never feel exactly how I felt the dayUntil that happens, baby, you don't know painOoh (Yeah ns did it)You should recognize it (You should know it)I ain't i m really sorry (I ain't sorry)You deserved that (You deserved it)After what you did to me (After what friend did)You deserved the (You deserved it)I ain't sorry (I ain't sorry)No no no... (I ain't sorry)(You broke my heart, for this reason I damaged your car)You caused me pain(You brought about me pain, so i did the same)Even despite all that you did come me was much worseI had actually to execute something to make you hurt, yeahOh, yet why am i still cryin'?Why am i the one whose still cryin'?

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Oh oh, you yes, really hurt me babyYou yes, really you really hurt me babyHey, hey, heyHey, hey, hey...Now clock me, youNow watch meI bust the windows out her car