Genre: Fantasy/Fairy story Romance, Historical: Other, Manga, Romance, scientific research Fiction/Fantasy

Theme: i ordered it Marriage, Fish out of Water, Mistaken/False Identity, Mythology

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This intrepid comics correspondent has been make the efforts to fill the void left through Midnight Secretary (which I check out thanks to this an extremely site!) for lo these countless years. Ns am i m really sorry to report the Bride of the Water God does no fill the void. How tough is that to find a romantic comic v beautiful art, a winning heroine, both feeling and high-stakes over-the-top soap-style drama, and a surly mythological hero with a heart of gold!? (INCREDIBLY HARD, EVERYONE. IT’S extremely HARD.)

I was drawn to Bride of the Water God, a well-known Korean manhwa series, by the gorgeous art and also the premise. In the very first pages of Volume 1, Soah is drown in a routine sacrifice as the “bride the the water god” to end a drought. Instead of dying, she is transported to the water god’s magical realm. Dark and mystical-sounding, right?

Well, while volume 1 was promising, I discovered that the adhering to 3 volumes did not rather live up to that promise. After ~ that point I decided to protect against reading, so this evaluation is based upon the an initial 4 quantities (there room 24 volumes complete in the series, and 17 have actually been analyzed into English by Dark Horse). It’s definitely possible that the collection has an increase trajectory, yet I don’t have the patience right currently to additional invest in the series. Just wanted to gain that disclaimer out of the means before I mutual my thoughts on the first four volumes!

First, I have to say that the arts is the finest thing around Bride the the Water God. It’s several of the most beautiful illustration job-related I have ever before seen. The style is really much in the it is registered of over-the-top fantasy. Therefore the anatomy doesn’t always quite do sense and everyone is forever enveloped in what seems favor yards that billowy, gracefully wrinkled fabric, but it works. The effect is one of slightly strange, luxury beauty in keeping with the mystical beings and also magical setting. If i were grading top top the arts alone, it would certainly be an A+ for sure, and while I might or may not be continuing with the collection in the future, I will definitely be paging v the publications to admire the arts again. There space a couple of pages done in full shade at the start of every volume which space a specific treat.

Mui have the right to you you re welcome chill out and not say things like I want TO view YOU IN PAIN

Among the five aspects I listed in the introduction, Bride the the Water God has the beautiful art and winning heroine i was looking for, yet falls brief on the others–there’s not much humor, the drama is as well opaque to be soapy, and also while there’s certainly a surly supernatural hero, I’m no so sure around the love of yellow part. However, objections aside, i don’t desire it to seem like I didn’t reap this manhwa collection at all. Even when i was puzzled by who wanted what and why, ns was curious about what would take place next, and I did feeling invested in Soah together a character. There were moments of real greatness in the intuitive storytelling.

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I think my wishes may have actually just been too high. (Where are you, spiritual follower in my heart to Midnight Secretary??? Is the price Webtoons?) While ns a little disappointed that the narrative didn’t wow me like I to be hoping, I may still return to Bride of the Water God later.