Much favor Shaq, the attack line of a football team, or the huge time slugger, having a couple of big males on a paintball team can considerably increase your productivity on the field. The course, the traditional idea of what a earlier player is (fat, slow, old) is swiftly transforming as the earlier position is being polished by skilled gun fighters with the uncanny capacity to win. Right here are ours top 5 earlier players in the game. Here’s our peak 5 snake players list.

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5. Mike Paxson, Los Angeles Ironmen

What walk a team acquire when they get Mike Paxson? among the finest players to ever before play the game. Period. Paxson has seen that all, excellent it all, and also knows the all about paintball – and also that’s not a slam ~ above his character, it’s just the facts. Paxson is not the more quickly player the end there and has over average elevation for a skilled paintball player, but has the mental video game down come a science and is one of the ideal closers in the sport. He’s an skilled at breaking the 3v2 cross and putting the pain on.

4. Yosh Rau, mountain Diego Dynasty


Rau has undergone a change in the last 2 seasons and also is a big reason for Dynasty’s return to importance on the nationwide stage. His level headed strategy to the video game has noted Dynasty several vital wins, consisting of one against Tampa Bay damage where Yosh pulled turn off a 3 matches 1 in stunning fashion. He’s to be brilliant this season and Dynasty wouldn’t be practically what they space if it wasn’t because that his management on the ago line.

3. Alexander Berdnikov, Moscow Red Legion


Alexander Berdnikov is one of the players in the sport redefining the earlier position. He’s small, wickedly fast, and has the ability to beat multiple positions. However, what really renders Berdnikov a optimal 5 player in ~ the earlier position is his innate ability to placed paintballs under the field, accurately, turn off the break.

2. Dave Bains, Edmonton Impact


Moscow Red Legion, Tampa just Damage, Edmonton Impact. As soon as you take into consideration the variety of championships ~ above the resume of Dave Bains, the alone puts the well right into the optimal 5. Then as soon as you think about the longevity the his career, friend can quickly make a situation that Dave Bains will certainly be in the room of fame when he go retire – if ever. Bains is a hybrid of two of the ideal in the game: the size and also closing capacity of Paxson v the shooting capability of Berdnikov. What separates Bains native his partner though is his agility, which is surprisingly good for a large man. Currently Bains is ranked the 3rd player in the world and also has one insanely high 15.80 winfluence rating.

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1. Jason Edwards, Tampa only Damage


A long time earlier Jason Edwards was bestowed the nickname “FK”, standing for “Fat Kid”. Jason “Fat Kid” Edwards. If you’ve watched Edwards lately you recognize that the FK monicker has actually worn that wear, and also Edwards’ change to a physical specimen has likewise transformed him right into the best ago player in the sport. Edwards’ real on-field influence originates from blazing speed which allows him to capitalize on mistakes made by enemies down field, and his pistol fighting capacity which has permitted him to grab the fourth best removed rating in the sports (27.63).

There you have it, our height 5 ago players in experienced paintball. Who space your optimal 5?

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