1785633966In cells, the energy accessible in food is used to make an energy-rich compound called...

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1785633967The first step in releasing the power of glucose in the cell is known as...glycolsis1
1785633968The procedure that releases energy from food in the visibility of oxygen is...cellular respiration2
1785633969Which organisms perform cellular respiration?mushrooms, ferns, polar bear, flower(all the the above)3
1785633970The net get of power from glycolsis is...2 ATP molecules4
1785633971Because fermentation takes location in the absence of oxygen, the is claimed to be...anaerobic5
1785633972The Krebs cycle takes location within the...mitochondrion6
1785633973The electron move chain uses the high-energy electrons from the Krebs bicycle to...convert ADP to ATP7
1785633974A complete of 36 molecules of ATP are produced from 1 molecule of glucose together a an outcome of...cellular respiration8
1785633975During hefty exercise, the buildup the lactic acid in muscle cells results in...oxygen debt9
1785633976What is a calorie?How carry out cells use a high-calorie molecule such as glucose?- the lot of power needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram that water 1 level celsius- cells failure the glucose release the stored energy a tiny amount at a time10
1785633977How is glucose readjusted during glycolsis?What commodities are created as a result of glycolsis?- glucose is broken into 2 molecule of pyruvic acid-ATP molecules and also high-energy electrons that space picked up by NAD+11
1785633978What space the two pathways that can follow glycolysis?What factor can recognize which that those pathways a cell can follow?- ~ glycolsis, if oxygen is avialable, a cabinet might lug out the rest of moving respiration.- If oxygen is not available, part cells bring out the remainder of fermentation12
1785633979Use recipe to create a chemical equation because that cellular respiration.Label the formulas through the surname of the compounds.602 + C6 H12 O6 —> 6CO2 + 6H2) + Energy(Oxygen + Glucose —> Carbon Dioxide + Water + Energy)13
1785633987Draw and label a mitochondrion surrounded by cytoplasm.Indicate wherein glycolsis, the Krebs cycle, and also the electron deliver chain occur.

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1785633980How is NAD+ affiliated in the commodities of glycolosis?What happens to a cell"s NAD+ when huge numbers of high-energy electrons are developed in a quick time?- NAD+ picks up high power electrons- the high-energy electrons conveniently fill every one of the cell"s available NAD+15
1785633981Which two compounds react throughout fermentation compares through alcoholic fermentation.Which reactant(s) carry out they have actually in common?- pyruvic acid & NADH- NADH overcome high-energy electrons to pyruvic acid16
1785633982Write equations to show how lactic acid fermentation compares with alcoholic fermentation.Which reactant(s) do they have in common?Lactic mountain fermentation:glucose —> lactic acidAlcoholic Fermentation:glucose —> alcohol + CO2- both have actually glucose together the reactant17
1785633983How are fermentation and cellular respiration similar?What is the main difference in between their beginning compounds?- both processes break down glucose and release the power stored in the molecule & both begin with glycolsis- cellular respiration needs oxygen and fermentation wake up WITHOUT oxygen18
1785633984Summarize what happens throughout the Krebs cycle.What happens to the high-energy electron generated during the Krebs cycle?- Pyruvic mountain is broken down into carbon dioxide in a collection of reactions that provide off energy- they room picked increase by a series of electron carriers, and also the power is offered to transform ADP into ATP19
1785633985How is ATP synthase affiliated in do energy accessible to the cell?ATP synthase is a large protein through which hydrogen ion (H+) pass, converting ADP into high-energy ATP.20
1785633986When runners race for about 20 minutes, how do the bodies achieve energy?they get power from ATP in their muscles developed by lactic mountain fermentation. In 20 minutes, bodies usage cellular respiration to usage stored carbs to make ATP21