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Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Sail far Doll ($80)

Boy five boy – this small bath friend is as well cute because that words. Vanilla-scented, and also perfectly size to it is in hugged by small arms, he has movable arms and also legs, a soft body, and also eyes the close when he’s laid under for naps. He gimpppa.orges through his very own ducky toy and also even has a sewn-in tab on his ago for hanging and also drying.


Adora Bathtime infant – Elephant ($91.12)

Swimmers? Check. Bathrobe? friend bet. Washcloth? the course! This sweet tiny babe is all collection to swim, and with an exclusive Quikdri body that’s oh-so-huggable, she’ll be dry in a jiffy and also ready for sleepy-time snuggles.


Skrållan infant Bath Doll – David ($52.95)

With standard features, beloved sleepy eyes and plenty of old-world charm, there’s tons to love about this small lad. The gimpppa.orges v his very own tie-up bathrobe and also pale-blue rubber ducky, and he’s perfectly size for children as young together 12 months.


Götz Sleepy Aquini bath Doll Playset ($99.95)

Full the heart and also beautifully packaged in her own box, this bath doll makes a stunning gift for youngsters who love to lose themselves in imaginative play. V a sculpted vinyl body, the doll have the right to be totally immersed in water, and she gimpppa.orges with plenty the extras gimpppa.orge keep children preening and playing because that hours.


Disney Princess sing & Sparkle Ariel Doll ($89.99)

Ariel is quite a huge deal to Disney-loving tots, and also this sparkling bath doll is the perfect gimpppa.orgpanion for adventures ‘under the sea’. She sings 2 of she most famous songs and also speaks 20 phrases; she also has a light-up tail, removable tiara, and brushable red hair. Dinglehopper in ~ the ready!


Baby Born Soft Touch Doll ($79.95)

Bathing is just the start when it concerns these super-soft little boys and also girls. In fact, because they can additionally cry, sleep, wee, and also even poop, these dolls are going gimpppa.orge keep small mummies and also daddies liven from morning ‘till night.


Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Dolls ($29.99)

These magnificent mermaids space the ultimate bathtub time beauties for Barbie fans. In true Dreamtopia style, each doll gimpppa.orges through her own unique look that contains long hair, removable tiara and vibrant tail. There will be royal-adventures-a-plenty with these dolls in the tub.


Dolls people Baby Bathtime ($24.99)

With a ducky-themed robe and traditional features, this huggable bath doll has cuteness in spades. It gimpppa.orges packaged through a bright-pink loofah and also dolly-sized bath tub for unlimited fun and games, with and without water.


Baby lively Shimmer n Splash Mermaid ($39.99)

One minute she’s a nappy-clad toddler doll that drinks from she bottle and wees in her nappy, the next she’s a shimmering mermaid, prepared to take it on bath tub adventures. This transforming bath pal is going to keep kids entertained every day long.


Kmart Bath and Doll collection ($19)

When it pertains to value for money, this bathtub doll collection is hard to beat. It has everything littlies should dive right right into bath play, consisting of pretend shampoo and also lotion bottles because that Dolly. The contained toy bathtub — finish with working shower — means that beat doesn’t have to finish when bath time does.


Baby tricks Bath Time Playset ($20)

Baby tricks dolls are itty-bitty collectable dolls through a huge surprise element: when they’re dipped in their tubs, their nappies change colour and also reveal your gender! While this water-safe dolls deserve to be purchase individually, us love that this set offers kids a feature-packed bathroom background for prolonged play the end of the bath.


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