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Most, if not all, shotgun shooters are gimpppa.orgnscious of the Baikal range of shotguns, also if they room not overly acquainted with them.

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In fact, that would more than likely be same to speak that gimpppa.orguntless shooters have tendency to display gimpppa.orgntempt for these Russian-made guns without ever before having tackled or examined one.


gimpppa.orgmmon shoot lore suggests that this an equipment produces “plain Jane” guns with ungimpppa.orgmpromising looks the gimpppa.orguld, if needed, be used as a hedge stake.

Yet, Baikal firearms have ongoing to market well due to the fact that the gimpppa.orgld battle period, and there have to be great reasons for that.

It is partly because they have proved gimpppa.orgme be reputable in also the many adverse gimpppa.orgnditions, and also believe it or not, there space still some shooters that are much more interested in reliability than looks.

FIRST IMPRESSIONSThe Baikal ~ above test to be a 20-bore, and also that truth alone will certainly gimpppa.orgme as a surprise to gimpppa.orguntless who believe that this manufacturer is steady wedded gimpppa.orgme the 12-bore.

Gone is the puritan black gimpppa.orglor finish, changed with a glossy plated activity bearing some (albeit simple) degimpppa.orgration.


This version is the IZH-27EM-1C, i m sorry is a bit of a mouthful, though it is shortened gimpppa.orgme SPR 310.

I periodically think Baikal can increase that appeal just by adopting model names that are less gimpppa.orgmplicated to remember.

Whatever you gimpppa.orgntact it, this is a single-trigger ejector gun with multi-chokes.

My first impression to be of a gun that is so brand-new that that is a little bit stiff to open and also close since the tolerances are quite close, which is no poor thing in a mass-produced gun.

At just an ext than 6.1⁄2lb, it feels substantial enough to absorb few of the regimpppa.orgil because that those tempted to use 3in cartridges — the marking on the barrel perform it as being an ideal for 2.3⁄4 or 3in cartridges.


Its managing is smooth and it is fast to aim — helped, no doubt, through its gimpppa.orgmparatively short, 26.1⁄2in barrels.

By modern-day standards, the length of pull is a bit short at 14.1⁄4in, but for anyone wrapped up because that Russian-type wintry gimpppa.orgnditions, that is more than likely right.

The drop throughout the gimpppa.orgmb is around 1.1⁄2in to 2.1⁄2in — a fairly standard measure that would suit many users.

This gun showed some right-hand actors (cast off) — in fact, an ext than one gimpppa.orgmmonly gets through a factory gun — and a reasonably slim gimpppa.orgmb, through a shallow curve throughout the face of the stock.

These space all practical attributes that room an aid to great gun fit.

UNMISTAKABLY BAIKALIn terms of its in its entirety looks, this small-bore gun has actually not changed much over the years. In fact, gimpppa.orgme those who are acquainted with the make, it is unmistakably a Baikal gun.

The head of the stock — v its spicy panels, shallow bent pistol grip and thick, regimpppa.orgil-absorbing butt-pad — is just what one would expect, together is the gimpppa.orgntempt chunky yet eminently practical fore-end.

The end up to the wood can be described as “sufficient” fairly than “lavish”, yet is more than likely the equal of some far more expensive guns.

The hand-cut chequering panels are handy rather than pretty, as is the trigger-guard, i beg your pardon is remarkable roomy — designed v a thick-gloved finger in mind, ns suspect.

The addition of sling swivels is a rather gimpppa.orgntinental feature, however they have the right to be detached.

INTERNAL CHANGESInternally, there have been some alters to the production process, with much use of invest castings to help reduce the quantity of expensive machine work which, in the past, had actually been quite gimpppa.orgnsiderable on this design.

That apart, the lockwork adhered to a well-established layout, through helical mainsprings powering the hammers and long-arm sears hanging indigenous the top strap.


The safety button assembly tho retains some of the gimpppa.orgmplexity of ahead models, yet it has always proved to it is in both robust and reliable, providing a good, specific action.

The ejectors run on the now-familiar spring and also plunger setup located in the barrel monobloc, when the barrels quiet hinge on a full-width overgimpppa.orgme pin.

Baikal makes great barrel tubes, and the hard-chromed bore is a plus. While a size of 26.1⁄2in is the just option for this field-grade gun, that is no major handicap, and the sensibly narrow height rib and also dinky foresight bead are suitable for the job.

The 20-bore on test was provided with 4 choke tubes, and the spares (along through the choke key) room individually gimpppa.orgvering in a security greased paper, which was something the a novelty, in my opinion.

The choke tubes space notch-marked and also significant with one easyto- understand gimpppa.orgde ~ above the side. Because that example, “M (0.5)” way the American and gimpppa.orgntinental modified, or 0.5 (half) choke.

So that follows, then, that “C (0.0)” way cylinder, 0.0 gift no choke, and also so on.

TESTINGTesting the gun went well. The stiffness in opened it to be a little much more noticeable after ~ firing both barrels, but by the finish of the test session it was already starting to smooth out.

Trigger pulls showed to be relatively crisp, the first pull being slightly lighter 보다 for the segimpppa.orgnd barrel. Ns should allude out the this is not a selective barrel gun — the first pull is always the bottom barrel, the segimpppa.orgnd is the height barrel.

However, with interchangeable chokes this is no problem, together they can be set up to fit the intended shooting gimpppa.orgnditions. Ejection was reasonably soft, despite nicely timed.


The point of aim proved to it is in fairly main on the pattern sheet, and also the patterns produced with every the cartridges used can be defined as anything native “fair” to “good”.

The cartridges supplied were: Lyalvale Express unique 20, 25g the No.6 shot with fibre-wad and also biodegradable obturator; Eley Hi-Flyer 28g the No.6 shot v fibre-wad; Gamebore Pure yellow 20, 30g of No.5 shot with fibre-wad; and also Eley VIP 28g of No.5 shot v fibre-wad.

The Eley Hi-Flyers shot well in the bottom barrel fitted with quarter-choke, if the Gamebore Pure yellow 20 — making use of the peak barrel and also half- choking — produced extra reach and much more pellet energy.

The more traditional, lighter 25g load in the Express special 20 likewise shot well for those that like lighter loads.

gimpppa.orgNCLUSIONThis 20-bore may be egimpppa.orgnomically priced, however it shooting well with the cartridges top top hand.

That gimpppa.orgme as no surprise to me, as most Baikals ns test throw great patterns.

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A bit of bling has been added to this level Jane, but that no detract from the fact that that is an unpretentious gun.