A lot of of civilization don’t put lot thought into their spark plugs, instead opting come just get going with every little thing is the cheapest. This, however, could not it is in the best idea. If you’ve acquired a contemporary Chevy 350, then you’re in luck. We’ve dug up few of the finest performance spark plugs approximately to help you attain a far better firing rate and the ideal cold start around.

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Whatever your needs and also whatever you’ve done to your motor, an update in spark plugs have the right to make a large difference at the finish of the day. We’ll display you some of the best spark plugs for Chevy 350 engines, then assist you figure out which ones are right for your use.

ACCEL 0526-4 Copper core Spark Plug, (Pack that 4)


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While no taking advantage of several of the more recent materials, this copper cored spark plugs space a little bit hotter 보다 the conventional plugs. This means better response v the throttle and also improved fuel efficiency, making them a welcome upgrade over the ones that came v your vehicle.

These eschew some of the advantages of more expensive plugs while still taking advantages of proceeding technology. When they’re not ideal for every vehicles, if you have actually an older auto you may want to take advantage of the lower price and also sacrifice a bit of performance.

NGK 3403 NGK G-Power Platinum Spark Plug TR55GP – 6 PCS


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NGK plugs are some of the finest around, and the platinum electrodes ~ above these space fantastic. They’re a step up from copper plugs in pretty lot every way, and they’ve become a rapid favorite among those in the know.

With these plugs (see complete specs) you can smooth out your idle and also make sure that you acquire the most bang for her buck. Over there are much better plugs out there, but they’re walking to expense quite a bit an ext and these space a substantial upgrade over the originals in your vehicle. Hands down, this are among the best spark plugs because that Chevy 350 engines.

Autolite APP605 twin Platinum Spark Plug


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Double platinum spark plugs use a platinum compound on both end of the electrode, permitting for even much better performance back they cost significantly much more than the others. This plugs from Autolite space still affordable because that most and also offer a huge improvement in fuel efficiency and power over lesser plugs.

Going through these is a good idea if you’ve began making modifications to her engine, or plan on doing therefore soon. Higher performance will call for a much more powerful spark plug, and these will fit the bill for many people.

NGK (7397-4PK) TR5IX Iridium IX Spark Plug, (Box that 4)
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When it involves getting the most out of your spark plugs, iridium provides for the best alloy right now on the market. These are optimal of the heat plugs and most civilization won’t receive any benefit native them end a double platinum plug but if you’ve had some significant performance enhancements then yes no much better choice.

On top of this, these are treated because that an exceptional amount the corrosion resistance. If you need lengthy lasting, performance enhancements and you’re willing to pay because that it, climate the NGK TR5IX (see complete specs) renders the finest solution possible.

Picking out the best Spark Plugs because that Chevy 350 Engines

When it concerns picking out the right spark plugs for her motor, you’ll need to use a little bit of believed on what every you’ve excellent to the engine therefore far. Greater performance means you’ll need greater end plugs in bespeak to keep smooth operation.

For the most part, uneven you’re gaining into highly committed racing modifications, we recommend you go with double platinum plugs. While lock don’t perform quite and also iridium ones, the price difference is considerable and pretty much everyone will view a advantage from them.

Better plugs will get you rather a little bit if you upgrade then you can expect the following:

Better beginning in the coldBetter accelerationImproved fuel economyLonger lifespan of the plugs

That’s a pretty an excellent profile for something i m sorry pretty lot anyone deserve to easily change out in your front yard for a fairly low cost.

You’ll want to replace every one of them in ~ once, therefore make certain that you get one for every eight cylinders of your motor. Instead of them unevenly is a vast mistake and can result in part strange happenings v the performance of your motor.


The electrode product is probably the many important consideration for the typical person.

Copper electrodes space cheap, however many contemporary engines aren’t going come be too happy with them because platinum is the standard. If her motor is a little older, however, and you’re happy through the method it runs climate purchasing them deserve to be a an excellent cost-cutting measure to simply keep your vehicle on the road.

Platinum electrodes are the most common type currently in use. They’re significantly improved end the old copper electrodes and also even one older engine will benefit from them. Lock still within a usual price selection and lock a great idea for many people.

Double platinum electrodes make use of platinum top top both ends of the electrode. This renders for a cleaner, hot spark v the very same gap and requires less energy in order come fire the cylinder. If you’re in search of an upgrade and haven’t modification the powertrain of her 350 lot they’re a good way to obtain a small bit the extra performance.

Iridium electrodes are the hottest, newest technology on the market. They’re a large improvement over any type of other material currently in use. The point is, twin platinum is much an ext affordable for many people and also the renovations over them will only really be noticeable in one engine which has actually been upgraded fairly a bit.

They will last longer than any kind of other type, for this reason it’s no a loss, yet don’t mean there to be a world of distinction between dual platinum and iridium in performance for a stock motor.

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Whatever her needs, finding the finest spark plugs because that Chevy 350 engines is a an excellent way to make part performance improvements without having to spend a totality lot that money. The best component is that you can do it yourself in an hour or so. Take the plunge, and also open up a whole new world of power for your motor.