January is national Soup Month and also a good time to make a large hot kettle the soup to heat you up and have prepared for quick meals during the week.

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Soups require special food safe cooling and storage procedures, so regarding prevent food illness.

Likewise, setup to eat refrigerated soup in ~ 3 to 4 days, or freeze it. And avoid letting soup collection at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

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Hot foods items bound for the refrigerator or freezer need to be cooled conveniently for 2 reasons. First, a quick cool reduce the possibility for harmful bacteria come grow, maintaining your food for sure to eat. Second, in the instance of freezing, cool food will freeze faster, avoiding the development of big ice crystals that may damage the flavor and texture of foods.

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Soup Safe cooking Temperature

The desired food preparation temperature the soup native a food security standpoint is 165°F – however to be sure – soups can be cooked to near boiling temperature (212°F).

Culinary professionals recommend the complying with soup temperatures for quality:

Hot clear Soups: serve near boiling 210°F (99°C)Hot Cream or thick Soups: serve between 190°F come 200°F (88°C come 93°C)Cold Soups: heated, climate cooled and also served at 40°F (4°C) or lower

When serving warm soups, always make certain to serve the soup in warmed bowls so the soup stays hot on its means to the table; likewise, cold soups should be offered in chill bowls.

Reheating as soon as serving soup a 2nd time, reheat it till it’s steaming warm throughout, at least 165 F.

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Temperature hazard Zone

One the the leading causes of foodborne condition is the failure to effectively cool foods. The food risk zone is the temperature between 40°F and 140°F wherein pathogens flourish most quickly.


2-Stage Food safe Cooling

It can take a lengthy time to obtain through the peril zone once cooling a big batch the chili, soup, or stew. To it is in safe, food must:with

Cool down from 140°F come 70°F within 2 hours; andCool down from 70°F come 40°F or listed below within 4 hours.

Initial 2-hour Cool is vital The early 2-hour cool is the most crucial time period since the food is passing v the temperature variety that support the most rapid microorganism growth. If food has actually not reached 70°F in ~ 2 hours, it should be reheated to 165°F for 15 seconds, and also then cooled again or thrown away.


Use Shallow Containers for for sure Cooling

According to the USDA, it takes 24hrs come cool an 8-inch share pot the steaming chicken soup come a safe temperature in her refrigerator.

For safety and also for speed cooling, move soup to shallow containers, making sure soup is no much more than 2″ deep. Refrigerate promptly. You deserve to place loosely covered foodstuffs in the refrigerator while still warm; cover as soon as food is completely cooled.

Rapid Cooling approaches for huge Batches

Be proactive about cooling soup. Once making a big batch that soup, setup ahead because that the cooling method you plan to use. Start your plan by having an exact food thermometer to store tabs top top the temperature throughout the cooling process.

Follow the adhering to methods and also procedures to safely cool your soup:

Use ice cream water bath – An ice water bathtub is efficient for cooling soups. This technique helps decrease the food temperature quickly and also safely. To fill a huge container or clean sink through ice and also a little amount of water. Place the kettle the soup into the ice bath. Line the soup come release heat and assist cooling.Use shallow pans – The smaller sized the portions, the much faster the cool down.Don’t leave a big pot the soup ~ above the counter to cool before placing in the fridge.Separate right into smaller containers, no deeper than 3 inches. Stir periodically to aid cooling.Use ice in the recipe – You have the right to reduce cooling time by adapting her soup recipe. Prepare a more thickness soup, reducing the original amount that water or liquid called for in the recipe. Include ice come the soup in ~ the last preparation step.

After Soup is Cooled Once the soup is cooled come 70°F, by making use of a quickly cooling option, you deserve to place the container of soup in the refrigerator. Location on the top shelf. Leaving uncovered until cooled to 40°F. Consume or frozen leftovers in ~ 4 job of preparation.


Soups need special food safe cooling and storage procedures, so regarding prevent food illness. Hot foodstuffs bound for the frozen fridge or freezer must be cooled quickly, so regarding decrease the opportunities for harmful bacteria to grow, keeping your food for sure to eat.

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Likewise, setup to eat refrigerated soup within 3 to 4 days, or freeze it. And also avoid letting soup set at room temperature for more than 2 hours.