With a cold snap coming, I thought some people might it is in interested in understanding the freezing suggest of street water. Level water freezes at 32 levels F, however when sugar, or salt, or other solutes are liquified in it, the freezing point gets lower.

This link says the typical 4:1 solution starts freezing at 26-27 levels F. Ns assume that a 3:1 would have an also lower freeze point, yet the post doesn"t say what it would certainly be. It additionally offers 2 suggestions for just how to store the nectar from freezing.

I don"t recognize if this is too obscure to it is in of interest to anyone, however I"m concerned about my glass feeders freezing and shattering.

Here is a connect that could be useful: info on keeping feeders native freezing

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I had glass feeder up many of the winter and I have left glass feeders up various other years every winter long and also they never burst. Last year I supplied a 1:4 ratio. Currently these to be not complete 1/3 to 2/3 rds in ~ the most. Ns was came to that they would certainly burst, however they didnt. So also if the temps drop right into the 20s i would need to say that is of tiny concern. The only issue I have actually now is if hummers to be to show up mine mix would certainly not be great , but Im not going to readjust it till lock do present up or rather I will just bring the feeders in.


I accidentally left one of my feeders in the freezer once and it shattered. The clay flower to be fine, however the party broke. Then again, the party was fully full, therefore the water had actually no place to expand.

The coming freeze is the one thing keeping me indigenous hanging the feeders up best now. Return it"s unlikely, it would certainly be feasible for a bird to present up any type of day now, and also it would be quite to have actually something for him (and I recognize it would virtually surely be a male).

The projection from Wednesday night on will be short in the mid twenties till at the very least Saturday, and maybe beyond. Highs might only it is in in the 40"s. Yikes! I most likely should hang some feeders up simply in case. Trouble is, ns don"t gain up early enough to cave them in ~ the crack of dawn, and I"d be afraid to leaving them out all night if it obtained too much listed below freezing.

I"ll just have to think about it and also decide what come do.

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14 year ago


Im certain with a feeder full and also froze , correct it would burst, mine never ever were full from evaparation or just not pour it until it is full them full. Ns took down many of my feeders except one window feeder which ns will store up in case they arrive. Ns will adjust the mix once a mainly untill they come which could be one more month yet. By they means we are an alleged to have actually the same weather you simply quoted in your post.