The atom radii of one atom is essentially the street from the centre of the nucleus gimpppa.orgme the external shell the electrons- so atoms that space very small and have actually a little distance from the nucleus to the outer shell can be defined as having a little atomic radius. There room clear patterns in atom radii walk down groups in the periodic table and throughout periods. Going across the routine table in the period of Li to F, the atomic radii of atoms decreases. From Li to F the variety of protons in the atoms boosts (seen top top the regular table by boost in the atom number), and also this has the result of increasing the nuclear fee of the atom and also increasing the nuclear attraction between the positively charged nucleus to the negatively fee orbiting electrons. As a result, the electrons are much more stongly pulled in in the direction of the nucleus leading to the smaller sized atomic radius. The is also worth pointing out that from Li gimpppa.orgme F, the external electrons are in the exact same shell so experience the same shielding result (recall the the shielding result is electrons driving away each other between shells)- therefore the variety of electron shells is no a gimpppa.orgntributing factor. 

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How does increasing/decreasing temperature affect the equilibrium position of the following reaction: CuSO4.5H2O(s) ⇌ CuSO4(s) + H2O(l) ?
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