For question 20 a) it asks to discover the occupational done. I recognize I have actually to uncover the complete area under the graph but I"m not certain whether I have actually to include or subtract the area the the part that is listed below the x axis.

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Graphs were created to aid give us a mental snapshot the actions and also relationships the they represent.

Work is the carry of energy to or indigenous a mechanism or object by a force exerted through a distance. Job-related that transfers power to the mechanism is positive, and work the transfers energy out of it is negative. Therefore the work done is the positive occupational minus the an unfavorable work (speaking mathematically, that"s the confident plus the negative).


When the force is negative, the is in reality counteracting the displacement. That is without doubt working against it, act negative work-related which naturally have to be subtracted.

When in doubt, constantly think of the initial reason the you uncover the area - The factor is the formula because that work:

$$W=int vec Fcdot dvec x$$

Integrals are constantly the area under the graph. If you think of this area as many, many, plenty of thin coloumns packed close, then the formula mirrors height times width of each coloumn; in this situation force time displacement - which is the area of every coloumn. And also the integral-symbol $int$ then sums it all approximately the complete area.

Now think about it in your case:

If the pressure i negative, climate you have negative force times displacement. This of course offers a negative an outcome for each of those coloumns. As soon as all is synthetic together, these as such subtract from the total area.
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