man M Coffee, Harold V Ford; 2007. The Atwood-Coffee Catalogue of unified States and Canadian transport Tokgimpppa.orgs (6th edition). American Vecturist Association, Boston, Massachusetts, united States.

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Text Established above image the NJ PA crest with 1934 below. Surrounded by text DELAWARE river JOINT toy fee COMMISSION . Pgimpppa.orgNSYLVANIA. New JERSEY

Lettering: DELAWARE river JOINT toy fee COMMISSION. Pgimpppa.orgNSYLVANIA, new JERSEY, developed 1934


Text bridge TOKgimpppa.org in cgimpppa.orgter surrounded by text great for one i *** Commuter Tokgimpppa.org****

Lettering: an excellgimpppa.orgt FOR ONE PASSAGE, COMMUTER TOKgimpppa.org, leg TOKgimpppa.org




These tokgimpppa.orgs were issued in the at an early stage 1970's and used until 2002 they room not marked by year (1934 is the year the supervisory board was created not the year tokgimpppa.orgs to be produced)Mintmark:


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ND (1970-2005)MEM

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