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Wednesday - in march 09, 2011

From: Granbury, TXRegion: SouthwestTopic: poisonous PlantsTitle: Toxicity that Texas hill Laurel seed to livestock and also dogs?Answered by: Jimmy Mills

QUESTION:Are the seed of the Texas hill Laurel poisonous to livestock or dogs? thanks ANSWER:

Texas mountain Laurel Sophora secundiflora (Texas mountain laurel) is a renowned native evergreen because of that is dark green foliage and spectacular violet flowers, yet it is generally considered to be toxic, specifically the excellent red seeds.

One of the sources that we go to as soon as asked about toxic plants is toxicity Plants of Texas, and it confirms the toxicity of Texas mountain Laurel. The toxic agent is cytisine, a quinolizidine alkaloid, i beg your pardon is found in the leaves and the seeds. Livestock are poisoned when they ingest the leaves, however the leaves space thought to be unpalatable and are avoided when other food is a vailable. The seeds have a greater concentration of the cytisine, but unless the seed are damaged through mastication, they have the right to pass v the digestive street with small effect.

Cytisine is likewise toxic come humans, and also children space attracted to the red seed.

Sophora secundiflora
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