A Libra man is a lady"s man: he"s charming, approachable, and always flirty in his very own sweet and also adorable way. As soon as he find someone he thinks is special, he"ll do everything it takes to initiate a conversation. Then, he"ll treat lock extra special. If a Libra male is law the 7 things below, you have the right to bet the he desires you for much more than simply for a friend.

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1. Pleasantly Persistent in Pursuit

A Libra male will go the end of his means to seek you and be very, an extremely pleasantly persistent. It"s a huge sign a Libra male likes you if he originally played that cool, flirty and also playful, however then suddenly becomes much more protective, talkative around his personal life, and also interested to learn all around you.

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2. Won"t Flirt with Anyone Else

one ordinarily flirty Libra male will prevent flirting with anyone else however you. He"ll almost ignore every person he"s friend with, dedicate self to you, think around you, display you off, and make friend feel like you"re the most adored and also special human being in the world.

3. Willingly Shares

A Libra man will constantly be share something with you. It could be a potato chip, a sip that his drink, something an individual he"s written, or also his last slice of pizza. He"ll additionally want come share his daily activities and take it you v him where he goes. The more a Libra guy wants come share with you, the an ext special he thinks you are.

4. Walk the small Things

choose an old-fashioned romantic, a Libra guy will make little gentlemanly gestures, like gaining your coat, holding the door for you, call a cab, and checking to view you make it house safely, and a the majority of other nice tiny things.

5. Gives Compliments

A Libra man usually wants others to hear to, appreciate and also compliment him. When he"s with someone special, ~ above the other hand, he will constantly listen to you, offer you compliments, and also shows his appreciation for all her special small traits. He"ll behave as if you"re the most perfect woman that has ever before lived.

6. Go the Extra Mile

A Libra guy won"t normally do things he doesn"t need to do. However, because that someone special, he"ll turn right into something a little different. He"ll run to the grocery store and pick increase the list of things you only gave them a couple of minutes before. He"ll offer to stop by the laundromat and also pick increase your apparel or any kind of other little errand you can want him come do. A Libra male is all about making girlfriend happy, and he"ll go the extra mile to make your life easier.

7. Wears His love on His Sleeve

A Libra male in love will certainly wear his heart on his sleeve and also become vulnerable. He can be mushy. He"ll speak to or text you at all hours of the night, periodically for nothing, occasionally for comfort, and also sometimes only to hear your voice.

A various Side

A Libra male is all around love, harmony, and reciprocation, and having a far-ranging other in his life. So, he"ll be exceptionally disappointed if he"s ignored and also his feelings aren"t reciprocated. As a result, the can end up being sulky, angry and also even a little obsessive.

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girlfriend Won"t have to Wonder

A Libra man is generally straightforward about his feelings and also intentions, therefore you"ll seldom need to wonder if he finds you special. However, there room 12 signs, 12 houses, and all the other planets to consider. You can"t just focus on his Libra sun; you require a chart reading to see what"s what and also what"s where. Put briefly, if a Libra male really likes you and also thinks you"re special, he"s romantic, affectionate, and fun, and also you can"t remove him.

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