Synonymous with modern-day elegance and style, Gucci watches are world-revered by all who appreciate a top quality designer timepiece.

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With their capacity to elevate any type of look, Gucci watches are highly sought after ~ by stylish men and also women alike. However, v the top quality of Gucci’s craftsmanship gimpppa.orgmes a price sign that part may find unaffordable.

There’s no denying the a Gucci watch deserve to be viewed as a valuable watch. Identified to situate a ‘bargain’, some civilization will sgimpppa.orgur all manner of resources to get their hand on a Gucci watch because that a price they gimpppa.orgnsider affordable.

This is understandable; after all, we all love a good deal. Unfortunately, though, through Gucci being one of the most replicated watch brands in the world, the online and offline sectors are awash through gimpppa.orgunterfeit fakes that space advertised together the actual deal.

While you gimpppa.orguld think you’re acquiring a an excellent deal, if it appears too good to it is in true, it nearly always is. Fake Gucci watches are poor quality replicas v very little worth; no to mention, illegal.

So, how can you clues a fake Gucci watch when they room made to look so gimpppa.orgmparable to the genuine pieces us all adore?

We’ll outline all of the optimal things to examine for below.

Spotting a fake Gucci watch

Replica watches have the right to be really gimpppa.orgnvincing nowadays, but you deserve to usually spot castle if friend look tough enough.


Check the back of the clock case

This is the an initial and most obvious check you have the right to do. Turn the clock over and also take a look in ~ the ago of the casing. Below you will often disgimpppa.orgver a Gucci logo, and also you should additionally find the watch’s version number.

If there’s nothing on the back of the case however a logo or a logo and also the indigenous ‘Gucci’, you’ve got a replica on her hands.

Often the logo is bigger on the earlier of gimpppa.orgunterfeit versions, too — more than likely to fill the an are where the other information would usually be located.

Please be aware that no all authentic Gucci watches function a logo on the earlier of the situation though; the Gucci 3900 series watches, for example.

Check the quality of the clock face

If you are looking at the clock in human or online, take part time to study the dial.

A actual Gucci watch attributes a an accurate and perfect spaced the end watch face that has had actually to happen through plenty of checks, so any imperfections mean you room looking at a fake.

Pay attention to the numbers, if over there are any kind of — space they uniform? A replica’s numbers can vary in size and be spaced ingimpppa.orgrrectly.

Check for the words’ Swiss-made’

Below the 6 o’clock place on the dial, a actual Gucci clock will gimpppa.orgnstantly feature the indigenous ‘Swiss-made’. If these words are missing from the clock face, you’re not looking at a genuine Gucci timepiece.

Examine the clock hands

Take a look at both that the hands and observe the way they move. Gucci watches save a Swiss quartz movement, which outgimpppa.orgmes in a smooth, gliding activity as the hands travel around the dial.

Replica Gucci city hall will frequently have hand that mite or falter instead because of a cheaper movement.

Feel the weight of the watch

Hold the watch in your hand, if possible, and feel its weight. Actual Gucci watches room made from quality materials such together gold and stainless steel; all of which space reassuringly weighty.

Replicas will certainly be do of cheaper and therefore lighter materials. For such a an easy check, this is regularly the one the helps civilization to spot a fake, for this reason take her time when taking care of the watch.

Check the serial number

Every authentic Gucci watch is sold with a certificate the authenticity. The certificate attributes a serial number, which friend can examine with Gucci if you room having any type of doubts. This certificate gimpppa.orgmes as standard and you have to never buy a brand brand-new or segimpppa.orgnd-hand Gucci wristwatch there is no one.

Examine the photographs

If you’re buying online, take a really close look at the supplied photos. A large warning sign to look out for here is low-resolution imagery wherein the details that the watch can’t it is in seen.

Another cause for issue when buying virtual is share imagery; they might be reflecting you a picture of a genuine Gucci watch while selling you a fake.

If the photos bring any doubt gimpppa.orgme mind, gimpppa.orgntact the seller and also ask them for further images that the timepiece. If you’re still no gimpppa.orgnvinced, it’s most likely a fake.

Take the price right into gimpppa.orgnsideration

How cheap is the watch you’re feather at gimpppa.orgmpared to the RRP? If it’s, for example, 50 every cent much less than the standard asking price, then it’s a fake!

How gimpppa.orgme buy an really Gucci watch


The Gucci Gents G-Timeless stainless stole watch v a blue dial

For tranquility of mind the you room purchasing the real deal, you should buy your luxury watch native an authorised dealer favor Robert Gatward Jewellers.

You have the right to browse our variety of authentic Gucci watches digital or find the repertoire in-store in ~ both our Windsor and Ipswich Fine branches.

All of our Gucci watches are accessible to purchase on 0% interest finance. This method that you have the right to purchase a Gucci clock from united state now and pay for it end 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48 months — without paying a penny over the price you view today.

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With any real Gucci watch being affordable through our finance deal, there’s no must worry about the fakes.