Glow sticks space fun! over there is no getting approximately it. If girlfriend don’t prefer glow sticks, you’re absent out ~ above life. Seriously though, you have the right to keep a kid entertained for a lengthy time v a bright stick or two, listed it is dark out!

But over there is a darker next to bright sticks. After every the smiles and cheer are over, those fun glow sticks get thrown in the garbage after simply one use. No good.

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So what’s a human being to do? Deprive their kiddos of hrs of funny or find an environmentally friendly different to bright sticks?

I gambling you have the right to guess i m sorry one ns did! That’s right, down another google hare hole i tumbled. I discovered out a lot about glow sticks and also their ecofriendly alternatives.

First, let’s explore traditional glow sticks, then get into environmentally friendly options (if they also exist!)

Environmental influence of glow stick production

Glow sticks room made native plastic and also non-toxic chemicals. As result of the chemicals involved, the plastic casing is unrecyclable, also they room single-use items an interpretation that they finish up in the landfill after ~ one use.

On top of the plastic being harmful to the environment, the chemicals inside the glow stick pollute the air once they inevitably pour out out.

Needless come say, the environmental affect of light stick production is a negative one come say the least.

Are glow sticks environmentally friendly?

No. View above.

Are glow sticks biodegradable?

No, they room made native plastic and also chemicals, neither of which space biodegradable.

Can friend recycle bright sticks?

Also, no. Although light sticks room made out of plastic, the chemicals inside render castle unrecyclable.

Are glow sticks safe for children?

Glow rod are typically safe for children. If they rest open, dispose of lock immediately. 

If your kid happens come ingest some of the chemistry inside, give them water and also watch for symptoms such together minor mouth or throat irritation. If the chemicals acquire on your child’s skin, wash them off automatically with soap and also water and also watch because that skin redness and general irritation. 


Ecofriendly bright sticks

There is honestly not a many ecofriendly bright sticks top top the industry right now. The finest one I uncovered is a recycle glow pole by Life + Gear. 

Features include:

Reusable with 20 hours of consistent lightTwist On/Off operation Non-toxic and also eco-friendly available in red, blue, and green

I don’t believe these glow sticks are recyclable, yet the space multi-use and also do no contain chemicals, therefore they are a much better alternative than traditional glow sticks.


Compostable bright sticks

There is a biodegradable bright stick that is not rather on the market right now. Actually, there is a Kickstarter project going top top at the time I am creating this. It’s referred to as the Nyoka:

Nyoka was began to develop a totally non-toxic, biodegradable light source based on bioluminescence that is not just safe for people and also the planet, however helps to restore some of the damage.

See more:

The irradiate Wand is algae-based, composts quickly in terrestrial and aquatic environments, and is vegetable af. We have designed the Wand to organize biochar – a soil-microbiome booster that helps regional organisms come thrive. 

 The Wand itself is infinitely reusable, and the bright is created with non-toxic bioluminescent enzymes. Just add water and also shake to glow!

If The irradiate Wand sound as great to you together it does to me, take into consideration donating to Nyoka on Kickstarter and help these awesome innovators produce a biodegradable light stick! who knows what various other environmentally friendly assets they will come up with. 

Well, there you have it, one and a fifty percent environmentally friendly choices to light sticks. I think the is for sure to say that the bright stick sector needs a significant ecofriendly overhaul. 

Here’s the thing, glow sticks space fun and all, yet if they quit making them, would anyone really notice. More than likely not. We would just pull the end our phone and use the light instead. 

So, next time your’re in the party aisle at the dollar store, simply leave the bright sticks on the shelf, the earth will give thanks to you!

What carry out you usage to irradiate up the night with? let me know in the comments below.

Cheers, and also have an great day!


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